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cyanogenmod reaches 10,000,000 installs

Are You Really Surprised?: CyanogenMod Reaches 10,000,000 Installs

As if the Android community needed any further confirmation that CyanogenMod is one of the best and most trusted ROMs out there at the moment, it’s been confirmed anyway as CyanogenMod has now clocked in 10,000,000 installs according to CMStats. It’s an impressive feat to...
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android 4.3

Android 4.3 To Get Ported To Sony Xperia Z As Custom Rom

You’ve gotta hand it to the hard-working folk of the dev world: when there’s porting to be done, they’ve got you covered. By now, I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of the Android 4.3 build that has been found for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition even before...
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galaxy camera

Get The Samsung Galaxy Camera App On Your Galaxy S4

Don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Camera, but still want to be able to use the camera app from it on your Galaxy S4? Well, lucky for you, LastStandingDroid of XDA has been hard at work porting that exact app to the Galaxy S4. The app works on Galaxy S4 Google Editions and is currently...
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HTC One Verizon

HTC One S-OFF By Revolutionary Official [BREAKING NEWS]

Yes it is true, HTC One S-Off has been achieved (for real this time). I know the last time this story was brought forth, it was done via a different method. Now, you get it straight from the big guys over at Revolutionary. Now HTC One users can REALLY rejoice. But Don’t rejoice...

XDA Introduces DevCon. Conference for Developers by Developers

Looks like an idea that has been floating around the heads of XDA, is now going to be a reality. The idea is for XDA to have their very own conference for developers, and they are pleased to inform us that this conference will happen on August 9th to the 11th. At this conference,...
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Morphology Themeing

[MORPHOLOGY] A Samsung Galaxy S III themers dream come True

Android is a wonderful OS that we are all passionate about. We know your favorite aspect about Android is the customization. It is one thing that you can always count on. Be it a new home replacement app, new icons, themes or just a simple change to how your battery looks. Themes are...
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Learn from XDA Developers at the XDA University

For those curious android users who love to root their devices and install custom kernels; haven’t you wanted to know what goes in to building ROM? You find the theme given by various Launchers not that friendly, and often think you can have done better with the design or the logos. ...

[New App] Root Transmission: Root an Android device using your Android Device

One needs to go through a huge process before rooting android devices, it needs time and tests your patience. But now if you wish to root your friend’s device, you just need to plug in your rooted device with their un-rooted device and escape the huge process without touching the computer. XDA...

XDA User Starts Petition for Google to Acknowledge Nexus 4 Fiasco

  Breakout the pitchforks and torches.  In light of the recent Nexus 4 shipping fiasco, XDA member munchy_cool, has started a petition to address the matter. I know what your thinking, not another petition. Normally I would agree, but seeing I am waiting for an email...
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Thmb Nails

[App][Update 10/7] One click and those pesky thumbnails that build up, Vanish

There is a good, a bad and an ugly side to Android. Well, to every operating system out there really. One thing that drives me nuts, and something that some users don’t even know, is how the image thumbnails are stored. These are those auto generated small sample of your pictures...
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Nexus S Jelly Bean

Manually install official Jelly Bean update for Nexus S I9020T/I9023, plus update trick to Try

I know many of you have been checking for updates on your Google Nexus S through out the week hoping and praying that the Jelly Bean OTA from Google would magically appear on your device. Well, at least all of you on a GSM version. We have seen a few talks of the update landing in Pakistan...
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