The Chromebook Pixel is coming back, except this time with less Chromebook. According to a new report, there will be a new Pixel device called the Google Pixel C, except that it won’t be running Chrome OS – it will be running Android Marshmallow whenever it is released. And unlike the original Pixel, which was a Chromebook only, the Pixel C is going to be a tablet first, with detachable keyboard options that will give it an overall appearance (and build quality) not dissimilar to the Chromebook Pixel.

Google Pixel CThe report goes on to detail the specs of the device – you’ll be expecting a Tegra X1 processor, 3GB RAM, and a 10.2-inch display with a pixel count of 308ppi – naturally, it will still have a USB Type-C port like the original Pixel. The keyboard options mentioned earlier will be available in leather and aluminium. Although the Pixel C is technically a tablet, it won’t bear the Nexus label, simply because this is being made by Google and not in collaboration with any other manufacturer. This is all very exciting, and whether or not this move has any implicit meaning for the future of Chrome OS, we’re excited to see a new chapter for the Pixel line running Android instead.

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Source: Android Police

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  1. Jarl

    I do hope they will do something about the horrible phone navigation they forced on tablet users though. if they do, I’m VERY interested!


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