The battle for design infringement has raged across the globe this year. Fortunately for Samsung a German judge has said that the changes they made to its exterior design are different enough from Apple’s iPad. (Top image is new version)

From what I can tell they wrapped the metal trim, that normally stopped at the bezel, around a bit more to envelope some of the bezel itself. It looks like they also put speakers on the front. The change looks pretty cool to me. Having speakers on the front is a plus too. It’d be nice to get my hands on one and do a review of the differences, but that’s probably unlikely since I’m not in Germany.

During a hearing concerning the Galaxy Tab 10.1N Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann basically implied that she’d rule in Samsung’s favor on the changes they’ve made.  “According to the court’s assessment, the defendant has moved away sufficiently from the legally protected design.” For Sammy’s sake I hope she sticks to what she has said. Apparently Apple is still not happy, but when are they ever? I read a statement (can’t remember where it is other-wise I’d post it here) from the case Apple made against Samsung in Australia which basically stated that Samsung should have made their tablet/phone ugly and then they wouldn’t care about the design features. (Of course this is my paraphrase.) So since Apple thinks they own the rights to good-looking devices I don’t think they’ll ever be happy with OEMs making Android devices that are pretty.

What Apple needs to take away from this is that they are trend setters. Nothing wrong with that. They make pretty devices. They should be flattered that other companies make devices that look similar. Consumers know the difference. Trust me, if someone wants an iPad they’ll get it. There’s more to its appeal than a grey metal back and black bezel. Likewise if someone wants the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S phone they’ll get it. First thing I look at as a consumer is the specification sheet when I’m looking at a new phone. Next does it have an OLED screen? Sammy has the market pretty much cornered on this point as I think they are the only manufactures of their Super AMOLED screens which are freaking amazing. Until someone can top the contrast ratio and brilliant colors produced on these screens I’m sticking with Samsung. So there, the pretty metal band around the side and the black bezel aren’t even selling points for me. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Apple! (Yes I do realize that the Galaxy Tab doesn’t have a Super AMOLED display. But I am also aware that Apple has whined about the Galaxy S phone line up as well not just the Tab.)

For now it seems like this is wrapped up. I guess we’ll find out February 9th at the scheduled court date.

Source: ars technica

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  1. Bill Surowiecki

    Just a quick note about the speakers.

    Down firing speakers a meant to be used with a tablet in a dock. This actually produces a better sound. Front facing speakers will be good for handheld use, but will more than likely produce a tinny sound.

  2. Simon Walker

    This is so ridiculous in the first place. The world is becoming a “NOT VERY NICE PLACE” run by attorneys and lawyers. Whatever next?


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