I am an 80’s kid, so I grew up watching the Smurfs. The new era Smurf movies are fun, cool and exciting, but they just don’t have the same appeal as the cartoons. If you want to relive those days of old, Ubisoft has a side scrolling runner that gives us a little nostalgia from the days of old, The Smurfs Epic Run. Today they have released an update to the title that adds another 15 shadowy levels to your Smurfs adventures. You also get Pilot Smurf as an unlockable character as well as extra rings and artifacts to collect. More content is great, but one much-needed feature that was missing in the title has finally been added, cloud save. Finally allowing you to play where you left on all your devices.

The Smurfs Epic Run is a freemium title, meaning it is free to install and play, but you also can drop some real cash for in-game content. Hit the link below to grab the game, or to snag the latest update.

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