Over the years I have spent countless hours besieging towns, villages and fortresses in Rome: Total War. I spent many a days with all the various versions of Total War as well. Something about working your way through a country taking on armies and claiming land as your own has a very addictive quality. I have been waiting for the day where I can gain that same experience on my mobile device. For some reason titles like Boom Beach, which are sort of similar, but not really, just don’t do it for me. Today, however, SEGA has announced that my long wait for the massive Total War experience on mobile will soon be over with the launch of Total War Battles: KINGDOM on March 24th.

The press release that I relieved is a bit vague, as is the trailer for the title. What we do know is that the game will launch on all platforms at the same time; iOS, Android, PC and Mac. It will also be one large persistent world which lets you stop on your Nexus 9 and pick up on your PC and end the night on your iPad without losing progress. However, they are a bit shy on if each platform will have various abilities and actions over another. I am certainly hoping for a seamless experience that puts me in control of the ground troops on my tablet and phone though.

The title is being listed as a free download, so I do fully expect there to be a degree of in-app purchases as well. How little or how much they force the IAP might be the key to its success. Personally I am hoping for them to be more optional than required to dominate the land and your foes. March 24th can’t get here soon enough.

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