A few years back I took a set of Urbanear headphones for a run. They were soft, comfortable for long-term wear and had some great sound. Last year they didn’t come out of the gates with anything “new”, but did offer up a number of various design options. At least, that is my recollection. This year they are coming to the CES party with a new “Active” line of headphones and earbuds.

First up are the HELLAS. Those are the traditional over the ear style headphones. They sport Bluetooth 4.0, a mic and on ear touch interface. Battery life is being touted at 14 hours of solid listening before a recharge is mandatory. Material wise Urbanears tossed on a washable headband and ear-cushions and some mesh and reflective details to keep you noticed on your jogs.

The REIMERS are going to be the hard-wired in-ear earbuds that utilize Urbanears unique EarClick solution that keeps them sweat resistant but also locked in your ear holes. The cord offers your usual in-line remote with mic to alter volume and answer/hangup a call. The cable is reflective to help passer byers spot you a little easier. As if my 200 pound butt isn’t easy enough to spot.

Both lines come in matching color sets allowing you to personalize your active listening lifestyle. You have the Rush (coral/gray), Black Belt (black/grey), Trail (blue/green) and Team (white/blue). The HELLAS are up for order from Urbanears.com for $119 while the wired REIMERS are rocking out for $50.


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