It seems like Ice Cream Sandwich is popping up all over the place these days. I’ve lost count on how many devices there are now with active Android 4.0 projects, but we can officially add one more to the list. The Amazon Kindle Fire has entered the spotlight and now has a pre-alpha version of ICS, thanks to JackpotClavin from XDA. In terms of progress, things are coming along rather nicely. Thanks to Liliputing, we’ve even got a 6-minute look at Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Fire:

As you can see, the Kindle Fire handles Ice Cream Sandwich fairly well. There are still a few bugs that need attention, as is the case with almost every other ICS ROM out there, but it’s always refreshing to get visual confirmation that your new toy is in the hands of some awesome developers who will most likely perfect the new OS, long before Amazon even considers pushing out an Android 4.0 update.

If you can’t wait to get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on your Kindle Fire, wait no more. Head over to the ROM thread on XDA for the file download, and study up on this handy guide Liliputing put together that will walk you through the process. Once you’ve got it up and running, make sure to share your experiences in the comment thread below.

Via: Phandroid, Liliputing


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