In the highly competitive space of video streaming, YouTube has been trying valiantly to cover all its bases. It’s game streaming effort, YouTube Gaming, has been doing reasonably well since its launch in August last year and YouTube has decided that now is the best time to expand the reach of its mobile app. Originally available in the US and UK only, the app is now available to Android users in Canada, Ireland, Australia (yes!), and New Zealand.

For those not yet acquainted with YouTube Gaming, its purpose is to serve as a hub for gamers to catch up on videos from their favourite YouTubers, as well as upload content recoded from their mobile devices. Today’s expansion of availability has also brought with it an update to the app which now allows for a pop-out player and also supports 60 frames-per-second playback, DVR mode and quality switch a la regular YouTube. As esports continues to gain relevance in the developed world, it will be interesting to see how YouTube continues to innovate and evolve to suit its audience.

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Source: engadget

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