The smartphone world is rife with design patent disputes, the most famous of which was Apple successfully taking Samsung to task for infringing on its designs. However, there’s a difference between that, and devices that look vaguely alike, something that ZTE‘s marketing head, Lu Qian Hao, has decided to point out. In a post on Weibo, Lu suggests that Google derived the design of the Nexus 6P from the ZTE Grand S, and posted photos of photos which presumably prove the infringement.

Nexus 6P from the ZTE Grand SPresumably, if there was a genuine patent dispute here, ZTE would be handling it quietly, discreetly and professionally – pointing it out publicly only suggests that they don’t have a patent on their design. We can definitely see where Lu thinks there is some copying going on – the black bar at the top of both devices is glaringly prominent – but that’s just about where the similarities end, and even then they aren’t even that similar. Of course, we now know that the Nexus 6P has the black bar at the top to let wireless signals in and out, though we wonder if the same can be said of the Grand S’ black bar.

Source: Weibo via Phone Arena

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  1. SubX

    As stated in another post, ZTE can go jump. Huawei shits all over ZTE. I am sure that Huawei had that design in place well before ZTE.
    In saying that though, they are both ugly as hell on the back. Why put a black cutout of that size and that shape at the top of the device? It does not even match the style of the phone! How Google even let that design through is beyond me. I like Huawei, but not this one.

  2. vasras

    Design patents should be taken out behind the shed, shot and buried with a warning text on the tomb: Ye shall not try to patent something that has insane amounts of prior art.

  3. FILA

    Im a little jealous of the ZTE looks now :-(, kinda makes the 6P look out of date, aint?


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