From the same Swedish company that brought us the current Android UI, and possibly the next UI, TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) has been working on Recognizr. This app is still under extreme development. It is a Cascades powered prototype of an Augmented reality/ID concept. The app uses the built in camera to scan for faces, recognizes them, and then will bring up contact information like the victim’s user’s Twitter, Facebook, etc. Icons are super imposed over the camera view and the person’s name is displayed on top. You can also save your profile with your social contact information.

My guess is that this information is either stored on a [yet to be determined] central server, or is based off your own contacts with Google. Geeky-Gadgets believes that Recognizr connects to its own server to find a match.

TAT’s official statement and demo video below.

A TAT Cascades powered prototype of the Augmented ID concept. Accurate mobile face detection and recognition using Polar Rose’s FaceLib. Recognizr shows how powerful computer vision and 3D graphics can be used to create fast, precise and aesthetic augmented reality. This prototype runs on Android.