S-Off Officially Available for HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and Others! Thank You Revolutionary

S-Off Officially Available for HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and Others! Thank You Revolutionary

We all saw it get done, and then we all sat around and waited to do it ourselves. Now the time has come to get that pesky S-ON on your device to say that oh so sweet word – S-OFF. The team behind Unrevoked and AlphaRev now have permanent S-Off and NAND write access for the HTC Sensation, HTC EVO 3D and many other newer HTC devices. The tool is called Revolutionary. That is a very fitting name. Revolutionary? Why the name? Well, this tool is revolutionary in a couple of ways. It’s the first major collaboration between two development groups that we know of — and in honesty, we’ve stood on the shoulders of other giants, too, in building this! It’s revolutionary in some of the mechanisms by which we gain S-OFF; we have worked quite a while to build this, and we think that we’ve come up with a robust solution. And, we’d like to think of it not just as a revolutionary tool, but as a revolutionary itself! Over the past few months, our community has...

[CM7 Theme] Captivated - If You Miss the TouchWiz Look, This Theme is for You

[CM7 Theme] Captivated – If You Miss the TouchWiz Look, This Theme is for You

I recently ran into some issues with a buddy’s Vibrant earlier this week. It forced me into an exchange and starting from scratch. No good for him, but a nice little reminder to me. I have not seen the TouchWiz icons or UI in a very long time. I almost forgot what it looked like. It almost looked like something new again to me. I know many of you out there, being on a Galaxy S device or not, may have really enjoyed the way your screened looked before all the rooting and ROMing took place. I have a feeling that R. M. Geren felt the same way when he built his CM7 theme, Captivated.  Do you remember when your phone looked very similar to this? I went back to it fora while. It is so nice to be able to switch themes when ever you want. You can pick up the free version below. He also has a paid for version that is only $0.99. It includes 10 more wallpapers and goes to support all the hard work by UpwardSpiral. On a side note – If you are also running an ADWLauncher theme or...

Gmail Updates and the Themers Get to Work - Blacked Out Gmail Now Available

Gmail Updates and the Themers Get to Work – Blacked Out Gmail Now Available

I shouldn’t have to tell you guys how much I enjoy blacked out version of apps I use on a daily basis. From G+ to Twitter, if it can go dark, I have it installed. Just last night Google pushed an update out for GMail. It included a good amount of improvements - What’s in this version: -Save bandwidth and battery by only syncing priority mail -Use label notifications to mash up filters, labels, and ringtones -Remember ‘Show Pictures’ for senders -Turn off sticky message actions in landscape or all orientations -Better TalkBack support for accessibility -Performance improvements All those updates have helped a lot of people do a lot more with their GMail accounts on their devices. Good work Google. Now it is theme time! Courtesy of B-Boy and ecsnead69 over at RootzWiki, we already have the blacked out version available to install. Take a look below at some screen shots of the new themed out app -   Full instruction and the APK can be found at ecsnead69′s original...

App Review: Captain America [Video]

App Review: Captain America [Video]

Strap on a shiny shield and prepare for some non stop running, platfroming, more running and fighting with Captain America’s first Android game. There’s a handful of different takes on platforming game controls for mobiles devices but a totally gesture based system is a new one for me. The controls are mostly very intuitive: swipe up to jump, down to slide and left and right to change direction. These controls take a little while to get used to and you’ll find yourself mistiming a few jumps earlier on because you’re not swiping quickly or long enough. Earlier levels have a lot of hand holding to get you used to the control scheme and give the mighty Captain America the daunting task of jumping over a series of knee high logs as your moves and combos are ever so slowly dished out to you across the levels. When you get near an enemy a combo is triggered depending on how you approach them and you’re given a series of swiping gestures to perform. This...

JLabs JBuds J4M - These Little Guys Will Make You Go Deaf

JLabs JBuds J4M – These Little Guys Will Make You Go Deaf

There certainly is no lack of choices when it comes to locating a replacement pair of ear buds for your device. You have multiple choices in your carriers store, manufacturers websites and various other locations. You can go cheap and get some for $5 or spend a lot and get a pair for $50 bucks or more. The issue is, are they any good. The specs sound great and the ear buds look cool, but how do they sound, whats my return policy? So many questions and things to consider when spending your hard earned money on something others might consider trivial. The music enthusiast, sound quality matters just as much as durability. The JBuds J4M have both.  The first thing you will notice when you get your shipment is the packaging. The ear buds are nicely displayed inside a case that has a carbon fiber look to the shell and is relatively stiff to give you added protection during travel.  When you unzip the case you will see the ear buds fitted inside a removable insert and a plastic baggy...

Dell Streak Prices Announced, Dell Aero Details Emerge

Posted by On Jul 27 2010
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We know that the Dell Streak will be sold in the U.S. and on AT&T’s network, the only detail left is the availability date for this device. The good news is that the pricing for this tablet/phone has been announced. If you had already signed up for the Dell Streak pre-sale which ends today (you can still sign-up by heading HERE), then you might have received an email to purchase the device today. The Dell Streak will be available for $549.99 without contract and $299.99 with a new 2-yr contract via AT&T. Dell has also mentioned the Dell Aero, which will be available on August 9th for $299.99 without contract and just $99.99 with a new contract.

Fetaures of the Dell Streak include:

  • 5″ TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP camera and a secondary VGA for video calling
  • Dual LED Flash
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port
  • Wi-Fi-802.11 b/g
  • 16 GB Internal memory
  • Up to 32 GB expandable memory via MicroSD card
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Android OS, v1.6, upgradable to v2.2 (Froyo)

Source: Engadget

What do you think about Dell expanding to the mobile market? Let us know below.

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