The guys over at Engadget have written one of the most detailed reviews I’ve read in a while.  The Epic 4G is about to take the world by storm and take the number one spot from every other Android phone that exists.  HTC had their chance and the world kept asking for a device with a hardware keyboard. Most of the rumors and some leaked photos show us that a phone is coming from HTC, but Samsung are going to be the first to the plate with what the reviewers are saying is one amazing piece of hardware.

Samsung software additions have been one of the main complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones and it appears they have made some slightly different tweaks to the Epic 4G that make them even more pointless and take away form the Android experience.  Not enough to deter this phone from being the best, according to Engadget.

Check out the video review below and then go read the rest.

Head over to Engadget and read the full review. It’s long, It’s detailed and it has plenty of photos and videos to keep you going for a while.

Source: Engadget