Don’t we just love a good laugh?

I DO!! – especially when the iPhone is at the receiving end of it all! When I saw this comic strip I could not help but share! This hilarious satirical illustration sums up the difference between Android and the iPhone.

Here is the strip:

I can definitely relate to this because I have actually witnessed both conversational types. If your last few Android discussions sounded like this then I know you enjoyed it.

Source: AndroidPolice

  • Saywhat4118


  • Saywhat4118


  • Drepope100



    i like that very TRUE!

  • Oliver

    Yes….no…no…..they’re both just as bad….

  • Spamdanielspam

    I’m not trying to do drugs with my phone… odd first comic.

  • deeb215

    lol that was funny

  • Sarah

    Haha, cool comics) Indeed, it shows the difference between Android and iPhone very well.
    Sarah, from blackberry application development

  • wildonrio

    I don’t know a single thing that an Android Phone can do that a jailbroken iPhone can’t.

    • Crackless

      Replacing the battery
      Navigation desktop shortcuts
      Custom ROMs – nothing even close exists on iPhone
      External memory
      Self contained backup of entire phone data and os, ie., nandroid
      Non-proprietary connections

      I could go on…

      • Akira2000

        Live wallpapers. No need even for root =)

  • Ben

    Are you sure that the joke is at the expense of the Iphone user? It seems like neither user is going to get their phone to do what they want it to, but only the Iphone user is satisfied enough to do other things with his life than to obsess over a phone.

    Perhaps instead of sitting on a couch watching TV, the Iphone user goes out and has sex with women. What a silly person! I’d much rather stare at a phone than have sex with women.

  • jxxn

    LOL.. Good one. Only I think the joke is on the poor Android user. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Ledee

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  • Ledenimomak

    I uses to love it but then EasyCap driver came along and took over dazzle

    • Marko Marko

      Gotta love it for San Diego Dentist

  • Laurajohnsonrocks

    Perhaps I’m a old curmudgeon, but this wasn’t funny


  • Laurajohnsonrocks

    Perhaps I’m a old curmudgeon, but this wasn’t funny


  • Fstevfey

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  • Mihaitavulpe26

    I like those comics
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  • Vova

    Funny comic, I like anything with stick people.

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  • free ipad 2

    That comic is right on the money. I find it so funny how so many people love their apple gadgets when android is soooo much better. I know I wouldnt use anything else

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