As this device is to be called the Sony Ericsson Anzu, it looks like SE might be stepping their game up to unleash a 4.3-inch beast in Q1 of 2011. This device was tipped off in an email sent to Xperia x10 Blog and is rumored to be bringing the following features:

As this device resembles that of the Xperia X10, the form factor has been described as “very, very slim.” This may be the device to bring Sony Ericsson out of the slump to compete with heavy hitters like the Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G, etc…

Just the thought that Sony Ericsson could be dropping this 4.3″ bomb on us in Q1 running Android 2.3 lifts our spirits. Are you willing to give Sony Ericsson a second chance with this device? Please note that this is all one big rumor, we hope for the Android community and SE’s sake that this device is real and coming this winter.


For those curious to see just how thin this bad boy is, it seems a profile view of this device has emerged. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Via: XperiaX10