If you’ve been looking forward to a new HTC device, you’re in luck as the HTC PB92300 has just passed through the FCC rocking GSM/EDGE bands at 850 and 1900MHz and comes with the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This device will also feature a rear camera as well as the front-facing camera which is a feature coming on “4G” devices.

Now for the spoiler alert, the FCC label matches identically to the label of another device known as the smaller HTC Aria running HTC’s Sense UI and HTC has requested confidentiality until Spring of next year so we may just forget about this little guy until is decides to show its face. Anyone looking for an HTC Aria 2?

Via: FCC, Android Community

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    well the iPhone 4 isn’t “4G” tho, only the Evo, Epic, and myTouch 4G. Of course there’s the G2 which we all know has no ffc.

    • https://androidspin.com Alex Smith

      That’s because it’s Apple. Given the history with Android devices with front-facing cameras, all of the ones in the US are “4G” compatible. That’s the argument I’m making here lol if it were to come to the U.S.