HotMid RockTouch RT7

HotMid RockTouch RT7

It seems that the RockChip processors are becoming very popular in China and we just received the RockTouch RT7, which  is another tablet from overseas, sent to us by

The tablet is manufactured by, according to the insignia on the back of the device. Don’t try to head to their web site as it really doesn’t exist, you get a basic blog page that someone has installed but not setup yet.

This is the first tablet we’ve received from China that features a capacitive multi-touch screen and it really makes a huge difference to the overall experience.  That’s enough for the intro, let’s get down to the details of the tablet.

What’s Inside the Tablet:

The RockTouch RT7 features:

  • Five point multi-touch capacitive touch screen
  • Rockchip RK2818 660MHz + DSP 600MHz Processor
  • 256MB DDR RAM8GB Flash memory
  • Support up to 32GB Micro SD memory card
  • Android 2.1
  • Android Market
  • Muti-language: Deutsch / English / Italiano / French / Nederlands / Spanish / Russian / Japanese / Korean / Chinese
  • 7 inch TFT, 800 X 480 pixels Capacitive touch screen
  • 720P MPEG2,MP4,H.264(Baseline)AVI,WMV video playback
  • All the usual audio formats
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone socket
  • Supports USB Host mode
  • Wireless WiFi 802.11b/g
  • G-Sensor Yes
  • Battery 3000mAH
  • Color White
  • Size & weight 190×118×11mm, 360 grams
  • Package Content 110-230V Charger, USB Cable, Earphone, Manual

It’s also worth noting that this tablet does support 3G connections using a USB 3G Dongle.  I’ll try to find out which USB Dongles are supported and provide a list.

The Hardware:

The tablet has buttons and ports on the right and top of the bezel,  and also has no physical buttons on the front.  The right side of the device has the USB Host Connector, Mini USB Connector, a power port and the SD Card slot.

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Right Side

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Right Side

The top of the device has the ESC or back button as we know it, the menu button, the power buttons, and a reset function.

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Top

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Top

The Screen:

The screen is fairly nice for an entry level tablet if viewed from the correct angle, however if you move your viewpoint away from looking straight at the screen, the quality deteriorates, but not too badly.  It is certainly acceptable for the price point of this tablet though.  The front of the screen is one complete piece, and the navigation goes to the edges, which makes the overall appearance that much better.  The colors are rich and contrast is pretty good as well.  Movies also look good on the device.

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Home Screen

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Home Screen

The Case:

The case is slightly different from many of the tablets we have received, it has an aluminum bezel around the plastic casing that helps protect the tablet somewhat, however I can’t make my mind up as to whether I like it or not.  With a black front and the white plastic molded back, the silver just adds another color to the mix, but it’s a step in the right direction over the standard full plastic shell.

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Back

HotMid RockTouch RT7 Back

The Software:

The device comes with the basic necessities as far as applications go, with an explorer for file management, audio and video players, email, and an ebook reader.  There’s  the usual Android applications as well such as calculator and sound recorder but that’s about it.  The Android Market is available on this device, however none of the rest of the Google applications come installed.


The RockTouch RT7 is a mediocre performer at best.  The overall responsiveness of the tablet is great and is highly usable, but running any decent benchmarking application the results are not very good.  Linpack for example came back with a result of 3.968 MFLOPS.  I almost didn’t go any further after the Linpack result, however I decided to run Smartbench 2010 just to see what would happen. The good news was that the complete test ran without any issues, but the result came in with a productivity index of 143 and a games index of 185.  I’ve never had good luck with any RockChip based tablet on the benchmarks and I’m still not sure if it’s related to the software not liking the hardware or the results are real.  The reason I question this is because this tablet feels nice and smooth to me.

The Good:

  • The screen is very responsive and the multi-touch support is a great addition to an entry level tablet.
  • Plays media with ease.  Video files play without a hitch and were silky smooth even when playing HD videos.
  • Build quality feels above other entry level tablets in this price range.

The Bad:

  • No Camera with the device.
  • No GPS.
  • While the aluminum bezel is a nice feature, it isn’t quite tight to the rest of the device in a couple of places so some movement can be felt. This could also be related to the fact that this is a pre-production model and the final product apparently has a better fit.

As an entry level device I would recommend this tablet if you’re looking for the casual internet browsing, e-book reading, or an emailing experience.  If you’re looking for a gamer, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

For latest pricing and more information, head over to the Rocktouch RT7 page on

  • Manufactured House

    Amazing looking website really!

    • Simon N. Walker

      Which one? Now Supplier’s or ours? :)

  • harpocrates23

    At 200 bucks, no camera, 600 mhz, no hdmi output…not worth it. The nook as you said in a much earlier post is much better value at 250 and the Archos 101 at 299 throws both of these out the window.

    But its good to know that lots of manufatures are in the game which will eventually lead to a lot of good products on the market with competitive prices.

    • Simon N. Walker

      The advantage to this Tablet is that you don’t have to hack it to turn it into a Tablet so it’s better for the everyday user. The Nookcolor is better for the advanced user who doesn’t mind rooting and hacking the device to make what it can be.
      The Archos is very nice, but it is $100 more so for the cost conscious, this is a better option.
      It just depends what the user is looking for.
      Media playback on this device is excellent though.

      • harpocrates23

        yeah..but as we know you get what you pay for… 😉

  • kevin

    Ipad has been out over a year and were getting this junk still??? All of these manufactures jumping on the android bandwagon better step up or Ipad2 will do to the tablet market what Ipod did to mp3 players.
    Galaxy Tab – please – cant even run a live wallpaper…..Xoom is the first real tab to give apple a run for their money, but at $800 a pop, how many of the android loyalist can even afford one – I guess we will see when it gets launched. I sold my nook after 2 weeks – way slow.

  • Anon

    If you are willing to shell out $200 for one, I’m willing to sell you a ton of them.

    Get a NookCOLOR instead. Maybe I can start offering NookCOLOR rooting service for a fee.

  • xqz

    I was also sent one by HotMID and will be contributing to Android tablet forums as usual. Nice review considering that you probably haven’t had hands-ons with many of these Chinese tablets. This isn’t a pre-product model. All shanzhai tablets are unpolished pretty much by design.