So you just bought this blazing new phone, it hasn’t been rooted, and the bloatware is taking up precious space that could be better utilized for applications you actually want. What do you do? Well in the case of the new EVO 3D from HTC you just simply uninstall it.

Unlike most phones we’ve seen the EVO 3D doesn’t require you to be rooted to remove the pre-loaded applications. Simply go to Setting>Applications>Manage and pick and choose what you want and what you don’t. Pretty easy eh? Makes the device a bit more bearable despite the¬†temporarily locked bootloader. Maybe other¬†manufacturers will take note and make their later ventures a bit more user-friendly like the EVO 3D.


Source: Android Central

  • Jeffsandroid

    Sadly, this is not the case with the Sensation 4G. Boo

  • Anonymous

    Yes this alone makes the Evo 3d one of the best devices on the market. All this is going to do is make a device that is already the fastest android device on the market even faster. Sprint has been doing BIG THINGS ALL YEAR LONG SINCE THE BELL SOUNDED IN 2011. There device profolio is the best in the industry just look around at all the carriers and be honest with yourself. I have said all year long that if your not packing a android device on the now network then your not really backing an android device.