There certainly is no lack of choices when it comes to locating a replacement pair of ear buds for your device. You have multiple choices in your carriers store, manufacturers websites and various other locations. You can go cheap and get some for $5 or spend a lot and get a pair for $50 bucks or more. The issue is, are they any good. The specs sound great and the ear buds look cool, but how do they sound, whats my return policy? So many questions and things to consider when spending your hard earned money on something others might consider trivial. The music enthusiast, sound quality matters just as much as durability. The JBuds J4M have both.

The first thing you will notice when you get your shipment is the packaging. The ear buds are nicely displayed inside a case that has a carbon fiber look to the shell and is relatively stiff to give you added protection during travel.  When you unzip the case you will see the ear buds fitted inside a removable insert and a plastic baggy holding a clip to attach the cord to your collar if you desire. It also carries 7 pairs of custom molded earbud cushions, in both single flange (XS, S, M, L) and double flange (XS/S, S/M, L/XL)

The in-line mic sits at chin level and comes with the standard answer/end call button.  13 inches from the buds is the split. Unlike most ear buds I have used, these have a very solid combining point. They run together separately in a rubberized J4 labeled casing. The cord continues down another 36 inches to the headphone plug. Which is also rubberized and very solid.

The J4M’s also sport a heavy duty aluminum housing, tangle-free flat cables with kevlar reinforcement and sound quality that is unbelievable. When I plugged these in for the first time I expected similar sound to all other earbuds, boy was I wrong. With the built in noise canceling technology and the perfect fit in my ear, I couldn’t hear anything but the music. To put the sound and power into perspective, at full volume listening to some Eminem, my eyeballs were vibrating with the bass. That is incredible for such a small little ear bud to produce.

They come in 3 various colors, Black, Red and Gun Metal. To order yours or even see some more photos of this product visit Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to possibly win yourself a pair of these from



  • Craigpaauwe

    They are made very well. I am still using my j2s and their customer support is awesome as well.

  • Franklin

    JLab is awesome, I am definitely going to check those out.