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There are no end of rumors flying the Internet and it’s always hard to know whether to pick them up and run with it or simply ignore it as pure and utter garbage.  When someone hits you up who you’ve never heard of before and tells you some news that is so big, it could change the face of our community, you never sure what to do.  Sometimes I decide to throw the information out to you guys and let you decide what you think!  Let you determine if it is true or completely unfounded.  I only do this when I can’t make my mind up either way.

This little tidbit of information came our way courtesy of family conversation between one family member who apparently works for Samsung and a relative.  One of the parties decided he wanted to share this information and contacted AndroidSPIN on Twitter.

I’m leaning on the site of unfounded rumor mongering, but not enough to hold me back from posting about it and digging a little further with your help.  Also, it’s the Holidays and the commuity is pretty quiet so throwing out some rumors is always a good read.

If you have any news related to any of these rumors, be sure to leave us some info in the comments, or if you prefer, you can always email us .

So what’s the news you ask?  The title has already given you a big hint, but here’ what we’ve been told!


Samsung Dropping Android.

According to our tipster, Samsung is going to dump Android at the end of next year and they are going to expand their very own Linux based OS to replace it.  They go on to state the reason Samsung hired Steve Kondik (AKA Cyanogen), was not for his Android genius, but instead for his knowledge of Linux and mobile device integration (Which is what Android is anyway).  The new or updated OS is said to be a new version of bada with the underlying OS replaced with Linux.  The next release of bada is said to be called bada 3, which makes sense as bada 2.0 is the current version.  bada is pretty advanced and already supports multi-tasking and Near Field Communications (NFC), but without the backing of the Android Market, it’s going to be very difficult for them to compete with Android.

bada, for those of you who don’t know, is a mobile operating system created by Samsung for use on mobile phones, ranging from low-end feature phones to high-end Smartphone’s.  They’ve had bada for a couple of years, but appeared to favor Android for its high end device as it became more popular.  They already have quiet a number of handsets based on bada and some of them are pretty powerful devices like the WaveII with its 1GHz  processor.

Samsung Wave II bada Phone

Samsung Wave II bada Phone

Apparently, this decision was move into a high gear once Google bought Motorola.  When this was announced, Samsung decided to change their game plan.  I can understand some concerns on Samsung’s behalf, worried that Google would favor Motorola over everyone else to ensure better profits, but we are all hoping this would not be the case.

The other snippet of information you might want to know is that bada has mainly been geared towards the Asian markets and not the US or EU. It makes little sense for Samsung to introduce Bada to other markets this late in the game. The Asian markets are a completely different animal with regard to electronics then the EU and US markets. Asian markets are quicker to accept new entries into a market, and are more accepting of a multitude of platforms. The EU and US markets by comparison tend to stick to 3 platforms at a maximum, largely snubbing additional competitors.

Samsung are a very strong force, and Google alienating them in any way due to the Motorola deal could cost big on both sides, and I’m sure Google knows that.

In conclusion, we already know that Samsung had an alternative operating system for smart-phones, so we know they have the capabilities, but I don’t think they’d abandon Android without a lot more support behind them for applications and 3rd parties.


Samsung considering dropping development of Windows phones.

Samsung is going to dump Windows Mobile phone development due to the fact that Microsoft has signed a huge deal with Nokia.  We have been told that they consider this partnership too strong to compete with and will leave them behind as far as Windows development goes.

Not sure I’m a believer in this one.  It’s true that Nokia is a very strong contender in the cell phone market, but I can’t see them wiping everybody else with their new phones.  I will admit that I’d love to get my hands on a high end Nokia Smartphone powered by Windows Mobile or Android.  Nokia know how to make a handset.  They know how to target the different levels of consumer and their build quality for high end phones is simple awesome.


Another New phone from Samsung

Samsung is going to release a new device known internally as the “N1”.  The tipster took a photo of this so called device as you can see below:

Samsung Code Named N1 Phone Photo

Samsung Code Named N1 Phone Photo

It’s almost impossible to see what this phone really is, but it does have the Android buttons across the bottom. It could be one of the Galaxy S2 early prototypes or maybe it’s not even a Samsung phone at all.  The only thing pointing this phone towards a Samsung design is a Samsung logo on a box below it, and obviously that means absolutely Zero.  Additionally, the sharp corners are an indication of prototype form and very rarely make it into production as they are disliked by the users, and ergonomically incorrect.  sharp corners also effect durability.  With this information, I’m pretty sure this picture is not what they think it is.

The phone is said to be powered by a Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor and has 1 GB ram. It does not support LTE.  It has a brand new webkit engine and is reportedly incredibly fast.

They also go on to state that Samsung is going to release 5 new Qualcomm powered Smartphone’s this year.  Hmmm, 5 more phones as well as the Galaxy S2!  Sounds like a lot of secrets this late in the year that we don’t know about, if this has any truth to it.


Galaxy S3 Re-Designed due to apple Patents

Samsung is currently working on a re-designed of the Galaxy series of devices for the Galaxy S3.  this is to work around the patents Apple keeps trying to throw down everyone’s necks.

I’m sure all the manufacturers are looking at designs and concepts with all the legal BS going around right now.  That makes this little snippet of information pretty mute really.


Have fun with this one people. I await your replies with baited breath :)


Source: A Tipster!

  • FILA

    Well depends how high up your family friend is in Samsung, because there not just gonna tell that info to anyone. On second note, I can actually see Sammy dropping andy next year. The sales for Samsung devices are really high, which would be the biggest risk, but there Bada OS looks very similar to Android, and the basic consumer out there might pick one up without knowing what there holding. Similar phones, similar buttons, the look, yea it could boost up sales for there lacking OS, atleast lacking in the US cuz its not over here. Sammy may feel like there needs to be another competitor to the then 4 year old android OS. Since Windows Phone already sucks and lacks sales (that was a no brainer from the beginning) Samsung could drop that as well, and just focus on Bada, trying to push out Android. It would no doubt be a huge move, if Bada doesnt work out would it go back to Android? Would they just drop Windows only and keep Andy and do Bada? Who knows, either way, I wont be heart broken, as long as HTC doesnt pull out of Andy, lol.

    As for that device up there, it looks like a Samsung, it has the same buttons as any other Galaxy device, but like you said, prototype, hell all the Galaxy devices look different form each other and sometimes different specs, ridiculous. 

    • Anonymous

      Samsung can keep their BADA.  Its BAAAADDDDD..  If you consider how good their track record is, you would understand that there is not much to be worried about.

      Now, Samsung has some great hardware.  And is UI has improved in S2 devices.  Actually its more intuitive than HTC’s Sense and a lot more robust.

      Its the little quality glitches that get them.

      Steve may help them, and he is good.  Though its probably not worth his time, and needs more help than just one person.

      Android is LINUX based on Ubuntu with a DALVIK Virtual Machine is a register based machine that converts Java classes into Dex format.  The key here is Java.  There is only one other alternative to Java and that is .NET that copies everything Java does.

      I use Linux, develop under Linux / Windows and Android (no more IOs, dropped it cause Apple is uncool and not worth my time).   Linux with Mono is just not the same ball game, and it paints a HUGE Target that tell’s MS… Shoot ME!!.  

      If Bada want’s to be relevant it would need to pay or Oracle or MS some royalties.  Both are ugly choices,  Oracle is a vampire and MS is death its self.  

      Here is a typical MS plot.  Try to install Google Search as your provider on IE8/9 or 10.  MS hid Google in the most ugly place and you have to jump through hoops.  My solution.. drop IE!!!!.  There are solutions that require some minor knowledge of scripts.   Though the simple solution is: Install Google’s tool bar and problem solved.  My point being, MS will eventually steal your thunder by making your products insanely difficult to use.  Hence.. doing business with MS is not an option! 

      You disagree… then ask any company that made agreements with MS.  
        – WordPerfect (defunct), 
        – VisiCalc (defunct), 
        – Visio (eaten up), 
        – SCO (wasted and badly dropped), 
        – Borland (where did they disappear too), 
        – Novell (they are only relevant because of Linux patents, though their death is foreseeable)
        – Sun..(oh yeah..  look Oracle owns it now!!!). 
        – Netscape did not do business with MS and lives on as Firefox and Chrome. 
      Doing any business with MS is a certificate of death!  

      So Bada has no alternative to be relevant unless they reinvent the wheel and have patents to fend off Oracle and MS and most likely Google.   This is a bad Move.

      Google should take note that Ubuntu has one basic intrinsic flaw  (that is Ubuntu Linux, Mint and Mandriva are definitely better).  Its response is slow and buggy  (thats the problem with Android).    Android should replace Ubuntu with Mint and the experience would improve drastically.  Mandriva,  (my personal choice because supports more devices than any other distros) would mean a major rewrite.  The advantage of Debian (Ubuntu/Mint) is huge in terms of their .deb packages.  Rpm’s work, but they don’t feel as robust and intuitive.

      FYI… rename any APK file.. as ZIP.. it will open your eyes!

      Either Google or Bada with Dalvik can create an alternate solution not based on Java.. dropping Oracle out of the equation. Though MS would still be a huge uphill battle.

  • BrandoKC

    Nexus Prime?

  • Rajesh

    Did you realize, that by dissing android, Sammy can get rid of all trbls from apple (patents), microsoft (making money off android) and also potential bias that google can show towards moto?

    • Anonymous

      Thats a rather short sighted theory. The fact of the matter is that Apple and others will no doubt find some overly broad patent or IP to use for ANY meaningful competition. 

      You and many others seem to think that Apple is suing  Samsung and others for patent infringement just because they think they have infringed in some way and that’s the end of the story. This is not the case. All of these suits have their pro’s and con’s weighed before hand. If it makes financial sense to file suit then they will, if it does not then they will not. 

      An example in this case for Bada, you would need to take into account that Bada is only pushed in the Asian markets. While it is doing well in these markets for Samsung, it is in no way causes a loss for Apple yet, thus their is no suit. You can bet your ass that Apple has several patents lined up for ALL current competition and possible future competition. When the financial need arises to play their ace card then they will, they will not do it before hand though. 

  • Bong Castaneda

    if they dont want to lose the american market they wont drop android but rather launch their new os in america with android then after reaching critical mass for their own OS  then drop android gradually.
    It may be in the plans in the long term but they will excute this as to minimize potential loss of income during the transition and not a sudden about face as implied in the article.

    • Anonymous

      As I informed Simon before posting this article, it should be noted that in the image shown, the box under the phone is for an EU product. Specifically its a P960. I think this is one of the most important aspects of this rumor as it speaks to its region of relevance. 

      Here is a copy of my thoughts for what to make of this article from my post on G+

      “The Bada OS does sell VERY well for Samsung in its intended Asian markets. 
      Considering that this source is a bit like a game of Telephone where its been passed through several sources before it reached Simon, I’d wager there was some loss in translation. I doubt that Samsung will do anything to jeopardize its number 2 and climbing position for smartphone manufacturers. With that said, I can see Samsung moving the Bada system out of the Asian markets and testing the waters of the EU and some other areas. I do NOT see them dropping Android just to do this though. Its not out of the question for them to add Bada to their line up of feature phones in these markets to see if it can gain traction, but again this would be along side their Android products.I highly doubt that Samsung will try to enter Bada into the US market this late, as statistically we tend to ignore a 4th platforms as consumers. Its also not too far fetched to think that Cyanogen may be lending a hand in changes to Bada in the future, but I suspect he is pretty much tied down to development for Android at present.Over all I think there maybe some truths in here, but the game of telephone has distorted their reality.”

  • Gurnted

    Oh yeah, I’ll be holding my breath on this one. Don’t see them doing that unless they are aiming to fail. That would be like Shell or Exxon saying they decided to stop selling unleaded, and will only carry diesel & Kerosene at all their stations. Not that it would be much of a loss if they did leave the game. They make flimsy s#%^ phones anyway. Nokia thought their OS was good enough to compete. Yet we see NO Symbian on the market share pie charts, and I highly doubt any of us could name 5 friends who own(or rather use daily) a Nokia handset. So Samsung wants us to forget they exist too, huh?

    The excuse is supposed to be that the competition is being unfair? You mean like they were when the backed out on the manufacturers who they were contracted to supply when they claimed a “shortage” of AMOLED back when the nexus dropped? That’s fair, but google buying their competition isn’t? Thankfully we have HTC, who have always been happy to provide what the consumers want. If Nokia hadn’t been so stubborn about adopting android I would have never even thought of buying an HTC. Go figure, now it would take one amazing handset to pry me from HTC, So if Samsung wants to alienate themselves, let ’em. It will just mean more sales for their competitors who mostly make higher quality handsets anyway.

  • Sunil Chand, BlackJack Apps

    Cyanogenmod would be best geared towards releasing ‘Android with Cyanogenmod’ phones to compete with ‘Android with Google’ phones (phones that come with “the google experience”. This means they will need to release their own brand of maps, email management, API’s, etc. A wonderful idea, because Google needs competition. I have been waiting for this for a long time!

  • Essjayar

    Nah. Htc and others have no ptoblems covering all the bases. Hardware is what will REALLY differ… After all, despite the roadblocks many if not most of us droid users root and use custom kernels and roms, or at least try different launchers (front ends). As you say, underneath they’re not all different being linux/java based! What’s stopping bada being android compatible? Give it apk access, even some kind of dual market (or god forbid, combined). Bada apps would bave to ne the superior option to make it worthwhile. But allow existing droid soft too. I don’t a big choice, cant have an early ios like monopoly, but whats truly new? Symbian stagnated, the old winmob and CE were ok for their time. Win7 is interesting with its tiles, and WebOs might have worked. In fact, would have been perfect if googles cloud only vision takes off (not with todays net coverage and private storage paranoia). Aren’t the hp’s being androidified? Wasnt RIM going too add some kind of android compat layer? Anyway its a moot point, google doesn’t “own” android in the traditional sense and I doubt they’ll push developers away with motorola. Ios won the early war , and set the look and feel, but like all apple stuff its just flashy, fluffy design, proprietary to the nth degree, now its THEY who are copying everyone else lol.

    But the way things go I cant imagine whats around at the end of my 2 yr contract. Holographics? Home/laptop/pad/mobile either all one changeable device or at least cloud-connected. I wouldnt even dismiss “proper” wearable computing, but perhaps 2 years is too soon for neural implants :-)

  • guest33

    To be certain, the whole fragmented soap opera that is the mobile sphere just about has me running back to full time netbook and feature phone use. The bullshit and complication of it all is getting really old.

  • Mohammed

    Bada is totally awesome! I hope that Samsung ditches Motorola’s Android OS and sticks to developing Bada above the rest :)