Angry birds has been all the rage for a long time and last year could probably be considered the pinnacle of the episodes, but it’s started to fade as the craze starts to die down.  I haven’t played Angry Birds for a long time, but the success story continues.

Rovio has released a teaser video for an upcoming Halloween special that shows a big scary monster in the distance, or is it?  The video zooms into a creature disappearing into a pail, but doesn’t really show us what it can be.

If you’re still into the Angry Birds saga then I’m sure you’ll be excited to find out what the next installment is going to be.

Check out the video teaser below and let us know your thoughts on what the big scary monster is likely to be.



Source: YouTube via TheDroidGuy

  • LamaFc

    Don’t know but it looks like a hint to a new bird as well… Maybe a bat!