It looks like The Digital Reader has confirmed that the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color 2 will be shipping to stores on November 7th. With the arrival of the new addition to the tablet game, B&N stores have all been going under a little reorganization as well. Phasing out things like music, dvd’s, and audiobooks while also building a massive NOOK boutique. Giving people with said devices a central location to meet for help, purchases and more.

There is still no official word on hardware of price tags yet. We do fully expect B&N to make the formal announcement on the 7th with all the details. It will have to have some major improvements in it compared to its predecessor and if they plan to make it a huge success, it needs to be under $200 bucks to compete with the Kindle Fire. We can only hope that it is closer to $150.

Lets not forget development. If this comes out of the box rocking above average specs, you can be sure it will get some root, CM7 maybe CM9 and become another phenom tablet like the current NOOK color is. Here’s to hoping.

Source: The Digital Reader