Don’t ask for ETAs!

Cyanogen himself has said, “B E H O L D Ice Cream Sandwich, M A R V E L  at its colossal source, W I T N E S S it saturate your internet connection.”

HTCClay gawked at it’s immense size and has noted that just by sheer size Devs are going to have to plan for more HDD space. Apparently it’s 6GB of download, 25GB on disk, and has a recommended RAM of 16GB and more would probably me better. It’ll take 5+ hours of CPU time just to make one build. “Be advised, if you plan to work on multiple branches (ICS release, ICS development branch and AOSP master branch), you’ll need to plan for disk space accordingly. You could easily end up using over 250 GB.” -HTCClay

So if you’re wondering why your device doesn’t have ICS yet. Consider the sheer magnitude of the build and put some serious thought into donating to your favorite Dev since these guys are probably all going to have to go out and buy multiple TB drives and more RAM just to work on ICS ROMs. Not to mention the wear and tear on CPUs. I wonder if any will burn out. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

So remember,  DO NOT ASK FOR ETAs! Be patient and thankful that there are individuals in our society who are willing to put forth the mammoth effort of bringing us this awesome Android OS!

  • Anonymous

    5 hours…????

    Seems that some people have super computers!!/peteralfonso/status/136289479794233344

    • Meme

      no, he just removed the google spyware stuff. it makes it a lot smaller. lol

  • brian pyeatt

    holy huge drop batman!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Respect guys, respect.

  • Ray Dull

    I love how this was so over exaggerated… I can build gingerbread in about 18 minutes per device, ICS takes 46 minutes per build, thats a full clean build, removing my out folder between builds.