I am personally still torn on if the Beats audio software makes a difference or not. I have heard great things about it and terrible things. One consistent response I seem to see is that if you don’t have a good pair of headphones, you wont notice any difference. After experiencing a wide range of headphones recently, a good pair will make a huge difference no matter what you have. With Beats being limited to the stock music player on HTC devices it limits many users enjoyment. Especially since many people use apps like Google Music, PowerAMP, VLC and others to listen to their tunes. It sure didn’t stop developers from porting it to other devices though.

Now the hackery can be less of a big deal. HTC announced today that they are releasing the Beats API. Meaning that app developers can now integrate the software into their apps. Sadly it will be up to them and not up to us. No word yet on if Google will get it up and running on Google Music or not, but one can only hope.

Along side this awesome information, HTC also released the API for their lockscreen. Giving developers legal access to the API to integrate apps and other various tweaks to the lockscreen. Should prove to make life a little easier for developers and consumers a like. If that isn’t enough development support from HTC, they also have also release the API’s to access their mobile device management. With future plans to also drop the MediaLink HD API soon.

Anymore, I could really careless if HTC keeps making similar variations of their devices. With such a great focus on the development community, tools and support, they will continue to be a leader in our book.

Source: HTC Blog