Well looky what we have here. For all of you that jumped on board and snagged your self a fancy new Droid RAZR at launch, or close too, are probably still kicking yourselves huh? Not because your phone is a hunk of junk, although some would disagree with that statement, but because the RAZR MAXX launched shortly after, with that beefed up and oh so awesome battery. Well, if you can find a busted down MAXX or a battery and rear door from one, it will fit inside your RAZR. Honest! XDA Member wardo5757  proved it works out just fine. Only small side effect, other than giving your RAZR a much need kick in the keister, is a small gap between the SIM card door and the rear panel.

We and the guy that tried this out, take absolutely ZERO responsibility if you mess up your phone, blow up your battery or the world ends. To get in on the conversation, pop on over to XDA-Developers and see what others are saying and how many people are giving it a whirl.

Source: XDA