Here we go again with another MIUI Theme. I know, those of you not running MIUI might get sick of seeing the cool lockscreens that are available. You do of course know you can all download MiLocker and use then too right? Just sayin’. On to the latest one we found while looking for something cool and useful to share. This one comes in from miuithemes by themer zoe1210. Happily name ‘Stacks’, it does just that. It will stack your notifications for missed calls and texts above the clock. Keeping the lower portion elegant and clean when not using the onscreen music controls. I have to say, it looks pretty nice.

To snag this one for yourself, hit the download link below. After you snag it up, move the mtz file to the MIUI/Themes folder. Now head to your apps and open up the ‘Themes’ application. This isn’t a full theme, just a lockscreen. You will need to go down and select ‘customize’ at the bottom, then select lockscreen. Find your new Stacks LS and apply it. Hope you enjoy it.

Download – Stacks.mtz

Via MIUIThemes

update – Looks like this LS Theme is can also be found on by CocaineMonster. After looking at the thread from where I found it, it is identical. Since I have no desire to register on a Chinese site to read the whole post, I will assume it was found at Deviant art first and then posted over. My apologies to CocaineMonster.

  • HellKeeper

    This theme was created by cocainemonster (post it in deviantart here