OnLive has finally released their OnLive Desktop Android application into the App Market after releasing an iPad version just a few days ago. This comes after their hugely successful OnLive app that gave users the ability to play high demanding PC games on demand. In case any of you were wondering about what OnLive Desktop is, it’s an application that allows you to stream Windows 7 on-the-go, which basically gives you a choice between a Windows 7 tablet or an Android tablet-considering that you have a data connection, of course. It is all run by the cloud and OnLive servers which are built for speed and optimized for a fantastic user experience.

There are different pricing levels for the service, as the free service gives you access to Microsoft Office, while the premium service will allow you to take full functionality of Internet Explorer as well as Dropbox. OnLive also claims that you can browse the web at up to “100 MBps.”

And of course, the full feature list includes:

The app itself, however, is free. So if you’re deciding to take a twirl at it and see how it is, you can follow the market link down below the video showing the software in action.

Application: OnLive Desktop
Developer: OnLive Inc.
Cost: FREE

Source: Phandroid

  • Johnboy uk

    This is not available in the uk …. This happens quite often … Your otherwise wonderful missives build up my hopes ….. And I hit the link …. And suddenly the nasty android gods forbid me to download ….. Sob …