kristofpetho has released an update to HyperNonSense. The latest version is now 1.0.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
- HTC Sensation

ROM Releases

1. When you are finished setting up the device, do a normal reboot and then you will have normal operations!
3. I have deleted a number of apps so that the ROM can be as lean and minimalistic as possible. If you find you need any apps that I have deleted, go to post #3 (Addons and Extras) and you will most likely find the app you need there! 

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HyperNonSense v1.0 changelog, released 2012.03.01.

Superwipe is needed, as some deep packages were altered.

Latest FIRMWARE is needed (currently 3.30). Download from THIS post.

- Fix: No more phone FC`s!!! (thanks to splder for the huge testing time)
- Fix: Cursors changed to ICS style + GPS icon fixed
- Add: Torch app from CM9
- Remove: A lot of even more leftover HTC services…
- Update: Music app reverted to stock CM9 player instead of the beta one
- Update: Kernel level memory optimizations implemented
- Update: Few CM9 apk`s from latest latest Nexus S build (MMS and Contacts)
- Update: LatinIME from latest CM9 build without dictionaries (remember to disable predictive texting!!!)

Good to know:
- Music Lockscreen controls still not fixed, just go into Music`s Settings-Customization and disable Lockscreen Controls.
- If you want predictive texting, flash the dictionary addon from post #3 right after flashing the ROM
- Wallpaper will be messed up on initial boot, after a restart it will be OK

Download HERE (MediaFire)

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HyperNonSense v0.8 changelog, released 2012.02.27.

Latest FIRMWARE is needed (currently 3.30). Download from THIS post.

- Fix: Media files correctly read even after reboot
- Fix: Cleaned the ROM of even more useless HTC libs (saved 2Mb more…)
- Fix: Powersaver really disabled now 
- Update: Shnizlon`s theam updated to v25

If you experience phone FC`s, you can flash the original 3.30 HTC Phone app from THIS POST.

Download HERE (6E479D9005FB22754423EDCDB2C62C71)

HyperNonSense v0.7 changelog, released 2012.02.25.

Superwipe is needed, as some deep packages were altered.

Latest FIRMWARE is needed (currently 3.30). Download from THIS post.

- Fix: Cleaned the ROM of even more useless HTC libs (ROM is only 106Mb now…)
- Fix: Airplane mode now also turns WIFI off
- Fix: Data is automatically enabled at first boot
- Fix: Powersaver should be fixed
- Fix: Busybox is properly installed at first boot
- Fix: Setup Wizard correctly runs on first boot
- Update: latest NovaLauncher (v1.0.1)
- Update: Shnizlon`s theam updated to v24.1

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HyperNonSense v0.6 changelog, released 2012.02.23.

Superwipe is required as its a new base

- Rebased to 3.30.401.1 (thanks to mike1986 for the base ROM)
- Working DSP Manager from CM9, removed MusicFX
- Fixed panorama and burst mode in HTC Camera
- Updated a lot of apps from Nexus S ICS stable (hdpi used vs xhdpi)
- Updated to Shnizlon`s latest theme pack (v23)
- Fixed Busybox
- Hopefully fixes phone FC`s

Download HERE (686BA38E9119DA7EB9E523524962BAE2)

Patch 1 can be found HERE. – Quad-lockscreen fix for all languages

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HyperNonSense v0.5 changelog, released 2012.02.21.

After install, the wallpaper might be garbled. If you change the wallpaper, there will be no errors.
If you want the original HyperNonSense wallpaper, grab the one attached to this post.

- Only 1 install file (finally…) 
- AOSP dialer, settings + statusbar included (AOSP dialer credits go to the Virtuous Team)
- HTC Camera included (AOSP video camera still sucks…)
- Lossless JPG compression for HTC Camera
- HTC Camera gallery button links to AOSP Gallery (thanks shnizlon)
- Shnizlon`s theme updated to latest v20
- Removed even more HTC-related files
- Updated Busybox to latest version (1.19.4)
- ROM size only 112Mb!!!
- Updated most apps from latest CM9-Galaxy Nexus build

Download HERE (1696E8EB6A7E57245AE154F052BFC21E)

Patch 1 can be found in THIS post.

HyperNonSense v0.4 changelog, released 2012.02.15. Link coming tonight.

- Streamlined even more, a lot of HTC libs removed and HTC support apps as well
- AOSP statusbar with toggles (thanks to Schnizlon!!!)
- APM (thanks to capychimp)

Download the 2 files from here:
1 - ROM file (1870f66913fe4860bdf7fdd5de8ac852)
2 - AOSP update file (3b5ce47661dee242541f120ddb97a83b)

Steps to install:
1. Full wipe
2. Install the ROM file (HyperNonSense ICS through recovery
3. Boot the ROM
4. When booted, just reboot and go back into recovery
5. Flash the 2nd file (
6. Reboot and now all themeing/setiings/statusbar will be OK.

- Mobile data is disabled at first boot, reenable it in settings after step 6.

If you want to modify a few HTC Settings (like turn Powersaver off, Pocket ring mode, etc):
1. Flash the original HTC Settings/Statusbar: DOWNLOAD
2. Reboot and modify the settings you want to change
3. Re-flash the ICS Settings/Statusbar: DOWNLOAD
4. Reboot and enjoy! 

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HyperNonSense v0.3 changelog, released 2012.02.12.

FYI 1: There is an FC when you first sign in to Google, just dismiss it, it still works 100%
FYI 2: The lockscreen stays locked when there is an incoming call. I suggest using an app like “Full Screen Caller ID”, which overcomes this problem just fine.

- Base HTC leak 3.25.401.101
- NovaLauncher latest (b14)
- Tweaked for speed and slimness
- Cleaned HTC apps/libs as much as possible (almost no trace of HTC left…)
- Size only 124Mb!!!
- Up to now, everything works 100%
- A lot of apps taken from Galaxy Nexus CM9 builds
- A few tweaks taken from Schnizlon`s excellent themeing work
- Used latest Gapps (20120207)
- Camera tweaked for lossless pictures
- Video recorder – works at even 1080p
- Novalauncher latest included
- Google Talk included
- Google Music included, which has an excellent equalizer built-in

Download HERE

Patch 1 for HyperNonSense v3.
- Fixes:
—- fixed lockscreen music controls not showing
—- replaces Google Music app with CM9 music app (much better, and sound FX still works)
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HyperNonSense v0.2 changelog, released 2012.01.22.

- Base HTC leak 3.24
- NovaLauncher
- Tweaked for speed and slimness
- HTC: dialer, contacts, clock, lockscreen, flashlight, music
- AOSP/CM9: messaging, calendar, K9-mail, browser, calculator, camera, gallery, file manager, keyboard
- Camera tweaks: everything works! (camera, camcorder, panorama), lossless jpg compression
- Removed unnecessary things (apps, libs, media, etc)
- size only 154mb!!!

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