The CyanogenMod team never seems to disappoint when it comes to simple tweaks and modifications. One feature that has shown up in their ROMS is the ability access toggles in your status bar. With CM9, they no doubt plan to tweak out your status bar. Now a couple XDA members have helped tweak out the status bar for the  Motorola Atrix and Galaxy Nexus.

XDA member rickriego has posted a method to bring several new features to the status bar for Atrix. One noticebly being the clock is now centered and not off to the right of the screen like it usually is. It is the little things that get us excited, right?

This mod was originally released by XDA forum member rob43, that brought this formidle tweak to the Galaxy Nexus. I am sure once CM9 is officially released to the community for multiple devices, we will all get a little taste of the tweak. Here are some of the features i has:

So any of you guys rocking a CM9 powered Atrix or a Galaxy Nexus, click on of the links below the links below for this method. Tell us how it looks.

Atrix Thread
Galaxy Nexus Thread