Even with all this legal garbage going on with Apple and Samsung, they are still working to deliver on their promises. According to SamMobile, Samsung has launched the first of many Ice Cream Sandwich updates to Kies. This first update is aimed for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 , one that isn’t under legal fire. Making this the first Samsung tablet to get a taste of that icy goodness you all craze. We all wish it was jelly Bean, but ICS is better than nothing, right?

Typical set up needed. Owning a Samsung device means you should already be familiar with Kies and have it installed. If not, then head to Samsung.com and get the one for your PC. Make sure you have over 50% charge when starting the process, which is silly if it is plugged in, but you wouldn’t want to brick your device.

Alternatively, there is also a firmware download you can snag if you are more interested in whats inside. You can the firmware directly from SamMobile if you are registered user.

As for the rest of the line up? Well, Samsung is shooting for July and August to released the ICS update to the entire Galaxy Tab line. The order of the list is tentatively as follows:

The next tablets will receive an Android 4.0 update.

GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI
GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI + 3G
GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI
GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI
GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI
GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI + 3G

Source: SamMobile

  • jjj

    Can you tell me where you got that water background. Thanks

  • vib

    that is probably default to ics as my wife has the same bg on her s3

  • http://www.moretablet.com/ MoreTablet

    We’ll be waiting for this one. I hope it will be worldwide, so that we can update my galaxy tab 7.0 plus.

  • StevenE

    I’ve been struggling to get Kies to run on Windows 7 x64 all night and morning. It works fine until you update it and then it refuses to open; what a POS! Ahhhh!

  • Adham

    Hi..I need help plz
    can u help me to make my galaxy tab 7.7 ics plz !
    coz i didn’t find it !
    but most of people in net use itttt :S it’s make me so sad really
    send me msg on my email and tell me if u can help me with that plz :)

    i need it really so fast :)

  • Duch3

    Is the update available over the air? Mine is the Australian version in the 7.7 size????