When HTC announced the One line of devices packing in that wonderful Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a lot of people got excited. Sadly that wasn’t the processor that came to the U.S. Both Samsung and NVIDIA have been working on quad-core processor that will play nice with the types of data technology we use, they just aren’t here, yet. That brings us to some new information about a leaked internal screenshot from T-Mobile that showed the HTC Era 42. It was that it could be the next T-Mobile branded G series device. Now it looks like the Era 42 could very well be a HTC One X+.

There were rumors for a while that T-Mobile would be getting the One X, but they surprised us all by releasing the One S instead. It seems T-Mobile may have had an ace up their sleeves when the launched that device. All signs point to a Tegra 3 Plus 1.7GHz quad-core monster headed to magenta sometime in late September. Unless other carriers have similar plans, this could very well be the first U.S. base quad-core devices built and designed to take advantage of the ever improving data speeds we have here. Hence the 42 attached to the name pointing toward T-Mobile HSPA+ 42Mbps. T-Mobile could still go and brand it as the next G series phone, much like Sprint sidestepped and had the EVO 4G LTE. Will it be the HTC One X+ or possibly be the G3 X. A little to early to tell, but enough get us excited.

If all of this pans out to be truth, how stoked are my fellow T-Mobile customers? Will you hold out just a little bit longer on that upgrade until we know for certain that this monster device is coming?

Source: Tmonews