This always happens late at night. Good thing I am a night owl, and can never seem to get to sleep before midnight. Seems that a nice little developer with the Twitter handle @KillDroidHack, has grabbed all those nice little core apps from Android 4.2 and put them in a nice little zip file for you Galaxy Nexus owners to flash on your phone. Thanksgiving comes early. It is time you give thanks to him.

Last week, we gave you guys some Android 4.2 goodness, when the keyboard, clock, and PhotoSphere apks hit the web. This guy has put all those apps, as well as the rest of the core apps, inside this zip file for you to go flash crazy on. Gmail, calendar, alarm, etc., from Android 4.2 can be added to your Galaxy Nexus. That not enough for you? How about Google Wallet as well. It was not included in the zip file, but OMGDroid’s very own Keyan uploaded that file so it would not feel left out. Make sure you install that like a normal apk, or place it into your system apps. Both links are below, and let us know if they are working for you.

Thanks Keyan!

Android 4.2 Gapps Link
Android 4.2 Wallet Link

  • Jason Porter

    It should be noted that this does NOT work on the stock Galaxy Nexus rom. This will ONLY work on a deodexed build.

  • Feiker

    Will this work on other ICS builds, like Atrix 2?

  • Praveen Kartha

    Can i used it for NEXUS S too?

  • Anthony Ryan

    i downloaded it awhile ago and unziped the files and nothing at all it didn’t work for my stock Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus… I’m Bummed now :(

    • Stormy Beach

      The Google Wallet should be able to be installed like normal. But the GAPPS package is something you either flash or push individually to System/Apps using a file explorer. You don’t unzip the package and try to install them manually, that doesn’t work.

      • AnthonyRyan

        How do I actually push them individually to system/Apps and install them without unzipping them.

        • Stormy Beach

          Personally I have no idea. Never done it before my self. You would have to unzip them though, you are right about that one. And them push them in and change out the old ones and set permissions and all that. I don’t have time nor patience for that. If there isn’t a flash file I steer clear.

  • http://OMG!Droid Keyan X

    Awww I’m famous

  • StevenJ

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, didn’t see the “doesn’t work on a rooted GNex with a stock rom” comment until too late, and now I get constant Launcher crashes rendering the phone unusable.

    Time to back this bitch out.

    • WayneR

      The same thing happened to me… early articles did not include that little tidbit of information. How are you going to back it out?

      I managed to get Nova Launcher installed so I could at least access stuff, but am still getting process and app errors like crazy. Every time I restart it goes through the process of installing the new packages, even though I deleted the zip.

      Any advice?

      • StevenJ

        Turned out to be more annoying than I had hoped. I ended up having to flash the factory image of 4.1.2 to kill off the launcher and the gmail problem, and then re-install the good bits of 4.2 (the camera and keyboard) that I had from a different source.

        • WayneR

          Yep, after a day of messing with it, that is the path I am taking too. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Frank Stallone

    Torrent for the file since the main link seems to be having trouble:

  • BearDroid

    The keyboard is the old one that was leaked first. It was built in September.

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    Thanks for sharing. It’s works for me.