I’m reminded of a Simpsons episode where Homer’s brother asked Homer for money and says there are two things a man needs to be successful: a dream and money to make that dream a reality. Well, the Flomio team has one heck of a dream and idea and now they need the money to make this dream a reality. Enter the FloJack. So what exactly is FloJack? Well, it’s an NFC reader/writer for phones and tablets that lack built-in NFC. We have seen companies attempt their hand at creating NFC technology for phones that lack it, i.e.  Moneto’s  1GB micoSD card with NFC. The downside with Moneto’s idea is that you have to switch out SD cards every time you want to use NFC. Well, the Flomio team’s creation is different and adaptable to any device easily. It allows end users to plug in their device in a  3.5mm port of an Android legacy device (also iPhone & iPad), which then enables NFC.

So this is where you come in FloJack is in need of your help. In order for this to hit the market, they need some much needed financial assistance. Their project is up on Kickstarter right now and as I’m writing this, they only have 16 days to hit there goal for their vision to become a reality.

Some if you may be asking, “Well how will a gadget like this help me?”

NFC is a very sought-after feature but not everyone wants to upgrade their Android device,” says Flomio’s Fernando Cejas, creator of the popular NFC app- the NFC Quick Actions for Android, and organizer for the Barcelona Google Developer Group. “We [Flomio] decided to develop a product that invites everyone to the NFC party- from iOS users to Android legacy users.  Our main goal is to speed up the NFC integration, and help facilitate the NFC ecosystem of the future.”

What this means is simply that if you just got a new phone that does not have NFC built-in or a tablet that you wish had it, now you don’t have to be locked into a two-year contract without this new up and coming technology. Let’s face it, NFC will only become accepted and adopted in a widespread fashion once iOS users get on board and right now they’re in the dark on this technology. Since Apple didn’t give its users the opportunity to see it for themselves, the Flomio team has given them that chance.

Will this allow older devices running CM10 to use Google Wallet or AndroidBeam? I guess we will have to find out. Also, how many people use NFC on a day to day basis? Let us know in the comments below and if you will be helping FloJack.

To help support the FloJack product click HERE.