Technology based website, S21, just completed their “Mobile phone of the year” award for 2012. The poll was open to all and had a fairly good turn out of 440 votes. It might not be a mega million votes scale, but does show some pretty awesome and interesting results none the less.

S21 created a shortlist of the top 10 smartphones released over the 2012 year. The list offered up Android phones, Windows phones and the iPhone 5. It should come as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S III took top spot at 41% of the vote. Second place was much closer, but ended up being the HTC One X with 15% of the vote and then Samsung Galaxy Note II with 12% of the vote.

Where did Apple and the iPhone 5 finish? They pulled in a fourth place position with 10% of the votes.

It is good to see Samsung in the lead, but the distance between the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X is pretty large. They also offered up a breakdown of votes per manufacturer. Again, Samsung killed it with 54% of the votes and HTC bringing up second place with just 17%. Android as a whole took a whopping 81% of the votes with Apple pulling in 10% and Windows taking up the remaining 9%. Doesn’t look all that great for Windows does it.

We have a strong feeling that even though this poll wasn’t HUGE in terms of people voting, that similar results will be found all over the web. What do you guys think? Is the Samsung Galaxy S III the best smartphone of the year?

Press Release –

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has won the S21 Phone of the Year award for 2012, well ahead of rival smart phones from Apple and HTC

Oxford, UK – 3 December 2012 – Technology review website S21 ( today announced the results of its “Mobile phone of the year” award for 2012.

The winning mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, powered by Google’s Android operating system.

To pick the winner, S21 selected a shortlist of the 10 best phones released during 2012, and invited its users to vote for their favourite.

The Galaxy S3 was way out in front of the competition, taking a decisive 41% of the total number of votes. In second place was the HTC One X, also an Android-powered smartphone, with 15% of the votes. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 took third position, with 12% of the votes.

The latest Apple phone, the iPhone 5, was pushed into fourth place, receiving just 10% of the popular vote.

In total, Android phones dominated the results, with 81% of the total votes. Apple’s iOS 6 operating system was in second place with 10%, and Microsoft’s newly released Windows Phone 8 handsets accounted for the remaining 9%.

Steve Morris, Managing Editor, comments: “This result is no surprise as the Galaxy S3 has been the most popular handset on our site since it launched in May of this year and has been consistently praised by our users. This is in contrast to the iPhone 5 which has received criticism from users for not being a sufficient leap forward to justify its premium price.

“What is perhaps more surprising in the current economic climate is how mobile phone sales are increasingly dominated by high-end smart phones. The best-selling handsets from all the manufacturers seem to be their flagship models. At S21, we’re left wondering just how far this trend can continue.”

The breakdown of votes by manufacturer was:
Apple 10%
HTC 17%
Motorola 5%
Nokia 7%
Samsung 54%
Sony 7%



    Yeah I think there is no beating Samsung in Android sales, there isn’t a phone that really comes close to them.

    It will be interesting to see how the Nokia Lumia measures up after a bit more time on the market.

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