Do you want to know where your kids are all the time? I don’t have kids yet, I’d like to think that when I do, I’d at least like to know that they aren’t hanging out in a dodgy part of town. Alert.Us allows you to do that and also has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

There are plenty of Android apps on Google Play now that offer GPS tracking for parents, with various accompanying features such as setting secure zones and notifying you when your little bundle of joy reaches said secure zone. Alert.Us differentiates itself from its competitors with its battery monitoring  feature, which notifies the parent or guardian when their child’s phone has less than 15% charge left. In this day and age of less-than-a-day smartphone battery life, this is one feature could bring peace of mind to many a parent.

One sticking point, however, when using these applications is the willingness of the child in question agreeing to use the app. This is an especially loaded topic when dealing with teenagers. Alert.Us has acknowledged as much in its blog and appears to be finding solutions so that parents can engage and create a more mutual agreement between parent and child.

Is this something you would use? Let us know below.

via TechCrunch, Alert.Us blog

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