honami miniVR-Zone apparently has it on good authority that Sony will be working on a Mini version of their upcoming flagship phone, the Sony Honami. The phone should come in with a 4 or 4.3-inch screen, and is touted to go head to head with the iPhone in the “mini” arena. This is looking like a pretty standard move for the big boys, hoping to capture some of the mid-range market. However, unlike the other Mini phones, like the Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini, the Honami Mini is apparently going to be just as powerful as the phone is is derived from, right down to having a Snapdragon 800 processor.

This kind of power in the 4-4.3-inch range has been unheard of since manufacturers started ballooning their screen sizes (Sony is ironically the prime culprit here with the Xperia Z Ultra), and actually raises a few questions about whether this will affect the sales of the full-sized Honami. I’ve heard many people say that their Galaxy S4 is much too large, but they want the best specs, so there has been no choice. Obviously, there is a market for a small, high-powered smartphone, but if this rumour is true, then it seems a lot like the well documented situation that Apple got themselves into with the iPad Mini and the iPad where the Mini ended up taking away some of the iPad’s market share.

That said, Sony is currently languishing behind in the Android market share rankings, so if a Honami Mini is able to steal away market share from the other manufacturers, then maybe taking a small hit to the Honami sales is worth it. What do you think about a Sony Honami Mini? Would you get the smaller screen over the larger, full-sized Honami? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: VR-Zone via Xperia Blog

  • David Newton

    I would definitely consider a Honami Mini. Went from Note II to the older Galaxy SII due to the size. The only reason why I haven’t bought the Xperia Z is also a size matter. The design though is a pure delight, very pleasing for the eyes. I’m also still happy with my SII. But; a Honami Mini with top notch specs at 4.3″ could definitely make me switch. But not a 4″.

  • FILA

    I dont understand why companies dont make 4.3inch screen devices as powerful as the bigger guys. Alot of people dont want big screens.