nexus 5Yesterday we got almost irrefutable evidence from a FCC filing that the Nexus 5 exists and is made by LG. The filing didn’t give us an exact idea of how the Nexus 5 would actually look, but Redditor, Vovicon has done his best to use what information was there to draft up some concept art of what the new Nexus phone is going to look like.┬áThe rear of the phone looks almost bang-on what we saw in the KitKat statue unveiling video, and the front looks convincing enough.

Think this is actually what the Nexus 5 is going to look like? If it really does look like this, and has the specs of the LG G2 to boot, I might just have to reconsider my decision to get myself a Sony Xperia Z1. Here’s to hoping the phone is announced and released later this year. Let us know what you think about this concept Nexus 5 in the comments.

Source: Reddit via Phandroid

  • FILA

    Google needs better camera and better speaker(s) in the NEXUS line. I hope this N5 will have both. End of November you can expect!