Zendure-Logo-RGB I would like to start this review by saying this external battery is beautiful in comparison to all other external batteries I have reviewed in the past.  It is sleek, stylish, and rugged to put it bluntly.  When the Chief Marketing Officer of Zendure contacted me, I knew I had to put this product up to the challenge!  With all the claims of how well it was created and how extremely versatile it was. I said “Challenge Accepted!”. A-Series-A5

After receiving the A5 model, I started putting it through test after test after test, and then tested it some more.  The reason for all these test is that I was trying to disprove at least one of their claims, just one.  To which I failed to do so. I was most interested in their claim of the battery being crush proof. So of course I had to go above and beyond their run over test using a Volvo passenger car.  I used a Volvo as well, Just a Volvo vnl670 weighing in at just about 38,000 LBS. Over board you ask?  Yes, just a little, I wanted to see exactly how tough this little guy was.  To my amazement, it took the driver side tire like a CHAMP!photo 2 Next test: I discharged the battery from fully dead and then back up to a 100% full charge.  Once fully charged, I put it through the power tests. I discharged my HTC Evo 4g LTE to fully dead and charged it with the Zendure a total of 10 times. Even though Zendure claims it will only fully charge a device 8.  So there was a claim I was happy to myth bust at least. Last test: With this test I was advised by Tom that it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway.  I took 2 4 port USB hubs and charged 8 devices at once. The Zendure did charge them, but it was slow going.  Which even though I was advised not to, the Zendure endured the punishment very, very well.  So I will repeat “this is not advised by Zendure to do, so DON’T DO IT” [Side note] “I charged my Htc Evo 4g LTE with the screen on from 3% to 100% took 45 minutes total!”   Ports This external battery has 2 main ports technically 3, the 3rd of which to charge the Zendure itself.  But I digress.  The blue port is for Apple devices pushing out 5 volts @ 2.1 amps, the black port is for all other devices such as Android devices which need 5 volts @ 1 amp. This battery can even charge iPads and Android tablets with no problem at all!  It is hard to find this type of versatility in an external battery, which covers both sides of the device world.  That impressed me as well, to be able to charge an Apple device and an Android device simultaneously.  Oh and did I mention that while doing that you can charge the battery at the same time? Well you can!

Zendure A5
I have nothing to complain about with this product, believe me I have tried to find at least one CON.  Which at this point I have been unsuccessful in uncovering, even the price is under what I would expect paying for an accessory of this caliber.  At only a mere $99USD you just cannot beat it! I spoke with Tom Haflinger the Chief Marketing Officer (on the left below) to personally admit my defeat.  Tom was very humble when I exposed my findings to him.  The product is beautiful, sexy, tough, intelligent, and above all, exactly what Zendure claims it is. This will be my exclusive external battery to turn to for all my power needs. Bryan-and-Tom Here is an added plus to the – Zendure A-Series batteries, they are expertly coordinated by a Texas Instruments control chip.  As a geek in all things mobile as well as computers, I can trust the Texas Instruments name without question. The Zendure A5 charging specs at this time below:

Here’s a list of the A5’s charge capabilities for popular devices:

  • Apple iPhone 4, 4S or 5: ~8.5 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: ~5.7 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S IV: ~4.6 times
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: ~4.8 times
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: ~3.9 times
  • Amazon Kindle Fire: ~2.7 times
  • Apple iPad 1 or 2: ~1.8 times
  • Apple iPad 3 or 4: ~1 time
  • Apple iPad mini: ~2.7 times
  • HTC One X+: ~ 5.7 times
  • Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX: ~3.6 times
  • LG Optimus G Pro: ~3.8 times
  • Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen: ~54 times
  • Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen: ~11.5 times
  • GoPro Hero 3: ~11.5 times
  • Sony PSP: ~6.6 times

In the Box: The A-Series includes a cloth carrying pouch, a 22″ (56cm) Micro USB charging cable, and a product manual. We are still making some changes to the design of the box and will provide updates throughout the project. d3387f7191d5eaabab230c1fe6dcd73e_large

To make a pledge and pre-order your Zendure head over to their Kickstarter page! Or their product page, which can be found at www.zendure.com (Images provided with permission from Zendure) You can also enter to WIN this Zendure A5 in the raffle HERE “I’m Evil_Devnull and I approve this message”

  • NealD

    Actually, Tom is on the left of that picture.

    • Evil DevNull

      Yes I am aware and made the change in the review 5 minutes after it went live, thank you for alerting me anyways,

  • DreemzofSleep

    Again, another great review. Thank you for putting it together for the end user. I was able to follow and gain the information I needed. Definitely going on the look into list for near future purchase.

    • Evil DevNull

      You will definitely be happy with this external battery :) glad you enjoyed the review

  • FILA

    Ugly steel color, You didnt mention the mAh but I see its at 15,000. Ill wait for the 18,000mAh ibattz coming in December!

    • Evil DevNull

      You always have something to complain about FILA. “Ugly Steel Color”? Really? You’re only complaint? Well that’s your personal opinion, which you are entitled too. However you can waste your money on an 18,000man ibattz if you like. Zendure is pushing out a 19,000 before that. So. 😛 plus making multicolors as well as glow in the dark, so checkmate and match. Lol

  • capt-taco

    Do you have any photos of the volvo test you put it through? I’d be interested in seeing that. Also, for those reader who didn’t realize what the Volvo vnl670 was:

  • Evil DevNull

    no I was unable to take photos while I was doing it due to security reasons of having a smartphone on the testing area, but i did take this before the trainers showed up and the photo next to my evo is the aftermath, you can see the time smudges

  • Evil DevNull

    No sorry , I could not take photo or video while in the testing area before the instructors came out. Would have loved to, but this is the only one I got before they came out. If you look at the 2nd image in the review, that shows a little of the smudges from the tire but i cleaned it up as much as i could for review photos :(

    To see the original with time stamp go to [URL=http://s1189.photobucket.com/user/evil_devnull/media/2013-09-30143859_zpsb2092a82.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z432/evil_devnull/2013-09-30143859_zpsb2092a82.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

  • horizon

    it’s expensive and very ordinary in appearance design. i have a Kinkoo 10500mah external battery charger, which is fashionable,
    simple and light.