The Nexus 5 will soon be upon our Android world, and today Spigen decided to tease us with their new Nexus 5 case. They went to their G+ page earlier, to post the very image you see above. They are calling this case Neo Hybrid, but there is no listing on what the case is made out of. It definitely looks sleek and sexy, and I am sure a lot of you out there that plan on getting yourselves a Nexus 5 will probably snatch up one of these new cases too. Let us know what you think.

Source: G+ Page

  • Jack Parker

    Oo I must say, that does like nice, but I cant tell if its metal or plastic to look like metal.. still, very nice

  • John Kiser

    Hopefully the Nexus 5 passed all the FCC tests before the government shut down or we’ll be waiting a bit more for it =/

  • FILA

    are we suppose to be looking at a bumper or an actual case? Im excited for the Google event