lg adsLG is no stranger to marketing campaigns that troll their competitors: earlier this year when Samsung was readying its Galaxy S4 unveiling, LG famously revealed their own advertisements adjacent to Samsung’s ads in Times Square in New York that played on the slogans that Samsung had been spreading. Well, LG has recruited the help of M&C Saatchi to come up with banner ads their next ad campaign, and it’s just as brazen as its Times Square stunt. These LG ads are going to sense what phone is viewing the ad, and if for instance you are reading it on a Galaxy S4, you will get a message “waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” followed by an ad for the LG G2, LG’s latest flagship device. Likewise, if you view the ad on a HTC One, you will get the following message: lg adsThe Swedish-based ad campaign is quite clever, if ostentatious, though it would probably only appeal to those who are unsatisfied with their HTC One or Galaxy S4, but judging by how good both of these flagship smartphones were, there might not be too many of them around (there is also a version for the iPhone, but we all know what they should be doing). What do you think about this advertisement campaign: too brazen, or hitting just the right spot? Let us know what you think about it. Source: M&C Saatchi via engadget

  • FILA

    this is really clever

  • Mike

    The lg g2 hands down bests the competition. Camera is clear, processor is fast, and the battery life is incredible. Ive used all phones and i have to say this is my favorite. Lg did a fantastic job with there flagship.