The Play Store has been once again updated and of course we have the download for you. The version is 4.5.10, and the most noticeable, as well as awesome, feature that was added is the fact that there is an indicator to let you know there is in-app purchases. It’s always nice to know if an app is going to be bugging you to upgrade to the full version with a price tag. The review section of the Play Store has also seen a tweak, making the 5-star rating system bigger, and they have added a edit button to edit your reviews for the app. You are also given the option to delete your review, so it is looking like they are making it more user friendly, similar to a social media platform.

There has also been an activity feed added to this version, giving the user the ability to share what they have browsed through to their Google+ page. The feed will also show your +1s, ratings, and whatever else you’d like to share. Other little tweaks like colors of the 5 stars have been changed, so if you want to check it all out, we have the download link below that will lead you to our download page with official changelog. Let us know how you like this new version of the Play Store.

Google Play Store 4.5.10 Download

  • yungtris

    This is good stuff.

  • VicMatson

    I know, it’s a stupid question, but won’t the phone do the update itself?

    • Stephen Yuen

      That’s not a stupid question @VicMatson:disqus :) You are correct; your Google Play Store will update itself at some point, but some people like having the latest version ASAP.

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  • JackD

    Google Play Store has stopped. This is the error I frequently get using Samsung note 3 android 4.3. am using Google Play Store version 4.5.10. Any advise on what to do?