The year was 1993, and the world was introduced to a sci-fi action, first person shooter, that no one has ever seen before. That game was Doom, and it caused video game junkies to go wild, and parents to go crazy.

Players of Doom would assume the role of the space marine nicknamed the “Doomguy”, who has been sent to Mars for what would seemed to be a boring assignment. The station he is been sent to works on top secret technology experiments, such as teleportation, and something goes horribly wrong as you can guess. The portals that were open unleash something evil, and it is up to the Doomguy to fight his way out of the madness. Doom revolutionized the first person shooter, and many games would follow in its footsteps.

So now you can have the classic first person shooter in the palm of your hands, all for the price of free. Click the Play Store link below to grab it onto your device, for some demon shooting nostalgia. Let ua know how it runs.

Source: Play Store Link

  • Brian G (in the UK)

    This is not a new idea. I had Doom on my Android phone, from the Play, store nearly two years ago.


    Terribly written. Grammar is important if writing is your career.

  • foss1987

    It wouldnt download and now its not even in the store