Eldar Murtazin is one of those guys that seems to have a knack in finding out information before everyone else. We would say he has about a 70 to 80 percent rating for being spot on, and now he has dropped a doozy about our precious Nexus phones.

Nexus line by Google is over in 2015 😉 Yes – this line will be replaced by Play Edition (current name, it will be rebranded)

— Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) January 27, 2014


Murtazin just tweeted that information out, and I quickly straightened up and belted out, “WHAT?!” before my fingers started typing out this post. To me it seems like a pretty good idea, as well as true.

When Google started this Google Play Edition line,  a lot of us thought they were being extremely kind by throwing on stock Android on our more popular devices, without us having to suffer through the task of rooting those devices. But then Google started throwing curveballs at us, when they announced Google Play Editions of random devices, like the LG G Pad 8.3, Sony Z Ultra, and the Moto G. Maybe this is a preview of things to come?

Then we have the Moto X. Some of us speculated that the Moto X line would maybe phase out the Nexus line, but having the Google Play Edition line sounds a little more intelligent, and it will allow the manufactures battle it out for best Google Play device. That’s just what we are thinking over here, but let us know what you guys think about this. True? Or complete BS?

Source: Twitter

  • joseph gonzales

    I am conflicted about this. While I think it would be great to have gpe of the flagship devices, I am not so keen on those flagship prices. 349/399 vs 599-749…

    • phil

      One has to assume that the other manufacturers weren’t too keen either.
      Competing against Google who doesn’t need to make any money out of the devices probably isn’t the best business model.

  • ggfb20

    I feel today’s announcement regarding Google’s patent partnership with Samsung is equally compelling because having samsung “gimmicks” on a stock android device would do change the world! One device at a time. Imagine a stock android galaxy note 3 that still had spen, multi window, etc. No samsung or carrier bloat.

    • [A]dri[A]n

      I’ve been saying this forever! I don’t know why people love vanilla Android so much. It’s absolutely boring. No features whatsoever. Keep the look but just add some useful features. Then Android will be perfect 😛

      • ggfb20

        I say stock android but really I don’t care for stock, I just want my software updates to be in line with be nexus/Google edition devices. If samsung and the other manufacturers get the latest versions of Android well in advance of Google releasing it to nexus devices etc. they should be mandated to make their changes and get it to the carrier, or how about the carrier put all of their bloat in the market and email subscribers links to it. That way the decision to update software is out of their hands.

        Also I feel that all devices should get all android updates up to at least two years after the device was made available to purchase.

        We often mention “liberty” When arguing for Android but really we are all subject to carriers, manufacturers, and maybe even Google’s greed.

        There is no reason devices like the note 3, htc one, S4, etc. Shouldn’t get updates for the next two years with the way google has redesigned Android to be highly efficient with lower spec’d devices.

        Why is there a need for nexus devices, all devices should be able to just download and use the Google Experience Launcher to get a nexus like feel, and all toggles, settings, etc. Should be completely uniform and identical across all android devices.

        • [A]dri[A]n

          Yeah, I totally agree. Updates need to roll out much faster than they do. But as long as manufacturers have their own UI and features, it’s never gonna happen. Then you add the carriers and it just get’s even worse. If Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other manufacturers didn’t have such heavily customized skins and features, it wouldn’t take so long to update. We saw that with the Moto X. That phone got updated to 4.4 in no time because of it’s almost stock launcher. Hopefully, someday we can take the carriers out of the picture.

        • Stephen Yuen

          Well, you’ll never be able to do away with carriers, but there are always international versions of phones. And I notice that @a_dri_a_n:disqus and @ggfb20:disqus are referring to a phone ecosystem not unlike Apple’s; do you really see this as preferable to Android’s current system?

        • [A]dri[A]n

          As far as the carriers are concerned, I meant take them out of the update process. I wish the carriers had nothing to do with the software updates. I certainly do not want all Android phones to be the same. That would be terrible, but when updates take so long because of the heavily customized software, maybe a change needs to happen. I think manufacturers need to keep in mind that now, more than ever, software updates are more important to consumers than the actual hardware in the phone.

        • Stephen Yuen

          I think that would be ideal, but unfortunately they hold all the cards when it comes to providing service for smartphones. They have been talking about issuing some updates via the Google Play Store, and I think that in some ways is a brilliant idea; obviously it wouldn’t work for huge, framework updates like moving up a software version, but for small incremental updates it could work very nicely.

        • [A]dri[A]n

          Yeah, that sounds like a pretty brilliant idea. Hopefully, someday we find a solution Hah I also hope the US can follow in South Korea’s foot steps and do something to make bloatware removable from phones.

        • Stephen Yuen

          I think that’s definitely the first step; let’s hope the rest of the world follows suit

        • Stephen Yuen

          You mean… like Apple?!

        • ggfb20

          Sort of, I actually thought that as I typed my post initially. I think the update process needs to be overhauled. I don’t mind purchasing a new device that’s better, I just don’t want my devices feeling old and left behind shortly after buying them.

        • Stephen Yuen

          That’s unfortunately the reality of technology 😛 It would be counterintuitive for devices to be better than, or even equal to, the devices released after it. Obviously there are improvements that could be made to the update process, but I think we can owe that feeling of ‘inadequacy’ when new devices are released to the fact that mobile technology is moving at such a breakneck speed; if anything, that is the most exciting part of watching the industry grow and improve :)

      • 1206549

        The reason stock Android is so appealing to some is the exact reason you ind it boring. Stock means no extra features that could act as bloatware. If you have a stock device, You’re sure to have most of what you need and you can just add extra features later.

  • A.Noid

    Terrible idea. I would have paid another $200 for my Nexus 5? Screw that.

  • Chris

    What is with this guy? I know for a fact what we have planned in 2015 and in no way is it to abolish the Nexus line up.


    • J

      “My random unsubstantiated claim is MUCH more credible than the writer’s unsubstantiated claim!”

  • FILA

    I cant see google risking this. Like Joseph said below, the price alone would be a kill factor in doing away with the Nexus line up. I want to see google play editions as well but it was kind of the back burner for Google, manufacturers wanted that, it was never Google’s main focus. Of course it always seems like things change for the worse so who knows. My next question. Do I buy a N5, the next version of the motoX, or a Google play edition of the next HTC flagship, or wait till November for the next Nexus, lol

    • Stephen Yuen

      I agree with you @FILA; unless this is a straight rebranding of the Nexus line so that it reads “Play Edition” instead, I can’t see Google giving up its device game. The prices are unbeatable and as much as the community cries for Google Play Editions, they really don’t sell that well. At least, not as well as the Nexus 5 😉

  • SpaceCadet

    Google Nexus or Play Edition, who cares as long as there are some premium phones running pure Android. Then again, Google does not make the Play Edition available internationally. Not even Canada.

    Samsung is bastardizing Android with the new launcher/skin I saw on the Tab 12. They are purportedly taking this to their next S5 which will really suck.

    As I always say, if I can get a premium phone with a removable battery and SD memory card, running pure Android, I would be a happy and committed customer.

    If Google expanded Google Voice to international markets, I would be ecstatic. the thought of pure unified communications would be awesome. I would gladly pay $10/month for a couple of local numbers as well as unified SMS messaging and voice mailbox.

    So much opportunity for Google, too little vision.

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