fleksy 2.1 updateThere are a lot of keyboards out there and it’s always hard to find one you really like, especially if you’re someone who likes to configure your keyboard to some other layout like Dvorak or otherwise. Fleksy is one of the keyboards that allows you to do that and is a personal favourite of our resident Mandroid, David Pena. In today’s Fleksy 2.1 update, Fleksy is adding a few more languages to the mix as well as allowing you to configure the keyboard to your preferred keyboard layout no matter what language you have chosen.

The Fleksy app today adds Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Slovak, Malay and Czech to their list of supported languages which brings the total up to a pretty impressive 16; it must be noted though that these new languages are technically in Beta, but having the languages there at all may be a godsend for the users that need it. You will also be able to configure your keyboard’s layout for whatever language you are using including popular layouts like AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak and of course, QWERTY.

The full list of changes in today’s update:

  • 6 new languages in Beta!
  • Multiple layouts including QWERTZ, Dvorak and Colemak!
  • Added 200+ Emoji
  • Improved Badge shortcuts
  • ImprovedSimultaneous language downloads
  • Improved New Enter icon
  • Updated fonts in Settings to Roboto
  • Persian in upcoming Language list
  • Fixed Green Theme brightness
  • Fixed Multiple bug and force close fixes

You should be seeing the update already as the update is live on the Play Store now, but if you haven’t already tried Fleksy out, you can give the free version a whirl; Play Store links are below.

Application: Fleksy Keyboard Free

Play Store Link

Price: Free