Draw A Box ReviewI don’t typically consider myself to have an addictive personality, however some games just get me hooked. The innocuously named “Draw A Box” game is one of these, and it has occupied far too much of my own time already to divulge exactly how much time. However, I do want to share some of my thoughts and experiences with the game by InJoy Labs. Draw A Box ReviewThe premise of Draw A Box is insanely simple: you must try to draw a perfect square around the monsters shown on your screen. The more times you are able to do this in a row, the higher your score will be. However, while the concept is simple, actually doing it is actually quite nerve racking. To be successful you must draw your square to within 97% accuracy of a perfect square. Of course, while explaining the game’s premise, the game gives you a few guided trial attempts to see exactly how accurate you’ll have to be to pass.

Draw A Box ReviewActually doing this in the game is possibly the most intense thing I have done in a game for some time; whereas you have a guide during the training that lets you know when to stop, trying to figure out where to stop in the game is very hard. Thankfully, there is no time limit at all in this game, so really you’re at the mercy of your own compulsive and obsessive tendencies, and can potentially lead to some pretty excruciating gaming sessions which will inevitably lead you to this screen:

Draw A Box ReviewIt’s not all in the name of self-flagellation however; your high scores are recorded on a leaderboard which includes all your Facebook friends playing the game, should you choose to log in. Furthermore, if you feel like sharing your new found high score, you can always do so at the “Game Over” page.

Draw A Box ReviewThere is also an added incentive to get good at Draw A Box; there are ‘stages’ in Draw A Box, which come after a predetermined number of successful boxes, indicated in the top right of the game screen. Once this threshold is reached, a monster with a different design becomes available and can be viewed on the title page with eight in total to be unlocked.

Draw A Box ReviewOverall, I’m a big fan of Draw A Box. I really, really like the unique, cartoonish design of the game, and although it’s simple, it’s very well put together and fluid in every action and menu. I actually prefer Draw A Box far more to Flappy Bird in that it feels a lot more like failing at it has more to do with your skills rather than the infuriating strictures of the game mechanics. It’s a subtle difference, but this led me to have far more fun with Draw A Box, and I definitely recommend you try it out too.

Draw A Box is free on the Google Play Store, so if you’re looking for a simple game with which to burn some time, make sure to hit the Play Store links below.

Draw A Box (Playboard) | Draw A Box (Play Store)