issues with Android 4.4.3The Android 4.4.3 update started going live earlier this month, hoping to fix the issues that have plagued the devices since Android 4.4.2, from which the Nexus 5 appears to have suffered the worst. While it’s expected that not all bugs will be fixed in any given update, we’re already hearing reports that Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 owners have issues with Android 4.4.3 after updating their devices. Some of the issues include Wi-Fi connection issues, lag in the dialer app and random reboots that were supposedly fixed in Android 4.4.3 have resurfaced on the Nexus 4. Other users have reported 3G issues, problems with battery life and notifications, and to top it off, some of these issues have also been spotted on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

This isn’t particularly good for Google seeing as this update was supposed to fix all the issues that owners have been living with for some time now, though with Google I/O just around the corner and the possibility of Android 5.0 having been teased, it’s possible Google’s full development efforts were diverted elsewhere. Whether Google will fix these issues before moving all the way up to 5.0 remains to be seen, but you may just have to make do until then.

Have you updated to Android 4.4.3 and also experienced some of these issues? Let us know if you have down below in the comments.

Source: Android Origin via Phones Review

  • Chris

    I’ve updated to 4.4.3, absolutely zero issues here!

    • Steph Horvath


  • Cristi

    No big problem here, but the N5 is not that smooth as with 4.4.2

  • KH

    My Nexus 5 battery lasts longer than 4.4.2. However, Nexus 7 unable to connect Wifi & require manual reboot daily

  • Ole Ingeman Christensen

    Unfortunately yes.
    Random reboots of my N4 is killing me.
    Surely hoping Google will address this in a quick fix, especially since I don’t expect my device to be updated to the expected 5.0.

    • Jack Parker

      I am 99.9% sure it will be updated considering android 4.4 only requires 512mb of ram :)

      • Ole Ingeman Christensen

        Hopefully you’re right. I’m just thinking that the N4 is about 18 month of age now, and considering Google sets that to how long any device should be getting updates, it up to Google if they want to provide any further updates after that.
        Only time will tell how they act.

        • Jack Parker

          I would lose faith in google if they didn’t

    • Zorglubz

      Got a big issue with Google plus killing my batteries, even though I’m not using it at all…

      • Ole Ingeman Christensen

        Just deactivate the application and battery consumption will be history.

  • Neil Anderson

    On my nexus 5, getting a bit of wi fi drop here and there. I also have found that the bluetooth MAP ability for my phone to connect/sync my texts is gone now. It was there and wonderful up until the 4.4.3 update.

    • Ole Ingeman Christensen

      It’s so frustrating!
      Updates supposed to make things better not worse.
      It’s almost like Google haven’t even tested the 4.4.3 version properly..

  • Wm.A

    I have two Nexus 5s. one works fine . the other loses Wi-Fi connections even with full bars . or it just doesn’t connects . .only a couple of random reboots . I want the option to have my dark dialer back .

  • ratnok

    NO. I haven’t experienced any of these so-called “issues plaguing” Android issues. If fact, my Nexus 5 is running better than ever. I have no clue what you people are talking about. The only issue I have is that not enough game developers are optimizing FOR ART.

  • Deepinder Singh

    My N4’s battery life got better but WiFi problem has surfaced and also my lock screen music control seems to disappear after a while.Anyone else having this problem?

  • Diana S

    I have a Nexus 5 and my outlook email will not sync since the update. My contacts were blank but came back after about 45 minutes… I still have issues with my volume buttons working unless I restart my phone..

  • papo

    J ai la 4.4.3 et je n’ai aucun des problèmes dont vous citez.

  • Victor Ly

    Immediately after updating to 4.4.3, my dialer started lagging, especially when I click on the blue call button. The dialer app hangs for approximately 5 seconds before I can click it again to place the call. This happens at least 80% of the time, by my estimation.

  • stevenmontreal

    pour ma part depuis le dernier update il y a plusieurs problèmes mais le plus important et ma connexion Internet qui bug tout le temps c’est comme si la moitié du temps je ne captait plus internet en plein centre-ville de Montréal

  • Adam – Cumbria

    I have the issue with mobile data, although it’s full signal, in the drop down menu, the signal status icon stays orange intermittently. To get it to connect again, I have to enable then disable airplane mode. (Nexus 5)

  • Tom P

    I have a 2013 Nexus 7 and 4.4.3 brought WiFi drops and locked brightness. If I want to change my brightness, I restart my device.

  • C McA

    I have not had any problems with my nexus 4, in fact battery life has improved and everything is smoother and faster. 4.4.3 has made my phone better than ever.

  • gripplies

    As soon as I updated I got the Red Light of Death. I started laughing and as soon as got to T-Mobile my phone rebooted and its being fine. Every bug fix seems to have been fixed. Battery takes longer to charge but it takes a while longer before I have to get near a charger. At first I was like Nexus 5 is the best phone out there now I’m cutting my eyes at it. I want the latest version of Android not HAL3000 Lol!

  • Rachine S Vernon

    Count the Moto X among the phones that are having issues with the update. My dialer doesn’t come up all the time.

  • FILA

    no problems on my end either with either N7 or N5

  • Etienne

    My N4 reboots randomly

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  • Hierro

    Nexus 5 – Experiencing wifi drops

  • Shing

    After 4.4.3, old problems like my N5 reboot randomly and softkeys lagging sometimes are still there. New prob(or maybe somehow luckily didn’t happen before) is stock keyboard erase key malfunction once, unable to erase text but can type.

  • greatbayu

    Working normaly on my Nexus 4

  • velvetpunch

    I feel as though the camera issues are back like from before the original update to fix it. Camera won’t focus properly. Battery has drastically improved thankfully especially after resetting my Nexus 5 back to factory settings and deleting all my data.

  • velvetpunch

    Other annoying issue is the “choose input method” keeps popping up in my notifications continually. Like 10+ times per day. I go to select the input methods in order for it to go away only to return within the hour or sometimes sooner. This happened even before last update

  • rahlquist

    Battery issues (and connectivity for that matter) are some of the hardest to deal with on Android. Unless someone is running bone stock (i.e. no apps at all) frequently it can be an app chomping up the battery. 9 times out of 10 the ones complaining about battery issues are the ones with 3 apps to save battery life which can cause problems with connectivity (they like to turn off wifi) which the apps then try to get turned back on. In a custom rom chat I used to hang out in, you could have 4 developers on the same phone, same rom, and get very different results and eventually you would find it was some app.

  • cjcrazy

    Hello, my Nexus 4 is facing ,
    i) Serious battery drains.
    ii) Random re-booting with the message ” Andriod is upgrading ” optimizing 2 out of 2 apps.
    iii) Andriod Camera app get hanged often.
    iv) USB charging become hell, it took 6 hrs to charge my mobile through USB, earlier it used to be 3.2 hrs.

    Highly disgusting update.

    • gripplies

      Do a factory reset twice it worked out that way on my friends phone(N4)

    • Yatin Asri

      Here is what I have experience since 4.4.3 update.

      1. The Battery charging takes too long to fully charge.

      2. Approx 30% of Battery consumption is only on Android OS & Google Play service which is too bad from Google Developer team.
      3. Messaging Service doesn’t work. it fails to send message every time if you directly go into messaging app and then try sending a message. If you really have to send a message (SMS) you need to go to Address book, then select the contact and using message option to be able to send your message.
      4. Google Play service Plug-in fails to install on nexus post 4.4.3 OTA.
      5. Battery Life is poor. Despite using apps like Battery Doctor, Smart Battery saver e.t.c the battery hardly lasts for about 3-4 hours on stand by and max 1 hr on Data usage which is absolutely unacceptable performance from a Google powered device.

      Google Team – If you are reading this post I serious expect you to help all your users with this issues. Its a shame, ever since Kitkat came to existence Nexus users are highly disatissfied from OS performance and Bugs being reported and faced to which we had a fix as 4.4.3 which in itself is a bug again.

      I reckon that we arrange for an Optional way for all Nexus users to be able to roll back to 4.4.2 OTA again until a permanent fix is arranged.

  • Adrianiaco

    Yea I am having really bad connection to 3g issues

  • Vishnuraj

    Nexus 5 -Wifi connection drop

  • Tripti Sharma

    Nexus 4 : Some 100+ tabs are opening on their own in Google chrome. I am not able to open any application as screen goes black and tabs keep on opening on their own. Google Chrome is really acting weird.

    • gripplies

      Factory reset twice and see what happens

  • naryan

    I generally like Google, I’m a fan of the Nexus devices, and I was planning on buying whichever new one comes out after the I/O, but 4.4.3 leaves me feeling like they deliberately pushed a bucket of bugs on my head to make *sure* I do exactly that.
    I mean there’s a literal one second delay after pressing every number on the dialer on my Nexus 4, 3G has basically stopped working altogether, and my Wi-Fi drops in and out constantly. Feels like I’ve been pushed back to the dawn of PDAs. I’m kind of furious about this because I’m almost certain it is intentional.

  • Noel

    In my case my N4 seem to discharge faster than b4 the update.

  • Nexus fix this…

    nexus 4 soft keys not working did phone data wipe still same, had to install app called handy soft keys app just to use my own phone! many others have same problem.!topic/nexus/7SNIT8xPYzc%5B1-25-false%5D

  • Mix

    Battery life on my Nexus 5 nosedived huge because of the 4.4.3 update.

    I used to get 2 days at least, sometimes 3 and since the update I was down to 26% after 22 hours, 25% of that drain was was ‘phone idle’ and ‘wifi’ combined, absolutely brutal!

    Don’t want to root my phone to roll back but I hope to hell they fix it soon.

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  • Pallavi Jain

    Battery of my Nexus 5 is troubling me a lot after Updating to 4.4.3 . I am having ” Serious battery drains”. I have to charge twice a day even i am not using it much in office hours. Deleted many apps to cope this problem. But still the prob sustains. I just want to Rollback to previous version. Even USB connection is discontinuous .Facing problem while transfering the files from phone to System(due to discontinuity) .Hope these bugs are soon fixed.

  • Patrick Vanbeggelaer

    I’m having big trouble to charge my Nexus5. the USB connection seems to be damaged. I tought the cable was the problem, but I have the problem with 4 different chargers….

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  • Beachman59

    Taking a few pics with camera and viewing the pics in the camera app causes phone to reboot. I did not have this problem before the update. Also noticed the the battery drains faster now.

  • Rikki Mana Sands

    Phbattery only lasts 3-4 hrs and shuts down when battery is still at 15% network drops out all the time aswell

  • LBK

    Not just battery drain. It takes hell a lot of time to charge as well.

  • iblesq

    Yes. Random reboots while writing texts (especially with custom keyboard, in Google Plus and such). Extremely frustrating… Nexus 4

  • Nik

    I have not experienced any battery issues like so many others… but I was hoping New 4.4.4 update on Nexus 5 would fix my lost wifi connection. I get 30 seconds of connection then it slows to a standstill but wifi indicator showing full bars. Tried all the Fixes* Clearing Cache in Recovery Mode / Hard Reset / Forget Wifi Connection / Airplane Mode Toggle / Switch to 2.5ghz.. 3 different routers w/same wifi issue on 2 separate Nexus 5 phones. So discouraging. I had to bump up my data p$ckage.

  • hareesha

    My Nexus5 is becoming hell. The biggest problem I am facing is the quick battery drain even during 4.4.2. Upgraded to 4.4.3 with an hope to get rid off, but absolutely no use. I found some color full changes but no significant performance improvements, rather find screen going blank while doing data Tanner from phone to PC.
    Two days ago updated to 4.4.4, even more pathetic. The voice call drops if I receive any SMS or any what’s app messages during the call. This is the most annoying feature, you get frustrated when you are in serious office discussion/conference. With 444 I have to charge the cell every 6 hours, like my laptop, very disgusting product from Google.

  • Michelle

    My soft keys are not working after having updated my phone the other day! FIX ASAP PLEASE!

  • Yoda

    Does Google test their damned Software??? My Nexus5 is unusable with 4.4.4!!!!

  • Ronnie

    After 4.4.3 update my camera isnt working properly. After clicking a picture it takes 4-5 seconds to capture the image and in that moment if i happen to move the phone the pic comes blurred. This wasn’t the case earlier when the pic used to be captured at that moment itself

  • drwaran

    After updating nexus5 to 4.4.4, my wifi signals are very poor.when my other nexus with 4.4.2 show full wifi signal strength, the 4.4.4 updated phone shows one bar.
    i cant use my wifi. update sucks.

  • Googolplexian

    Nexus 5 : Random reboots (since 4.2 so even on N4), fast batt drain (since 4.4.4)
    Nexus 7 : NO WIFI (wft?!, since 4.4.4) so that’s useless now.

    Google doesn’t reply to their clients and it seems Nexus is not a flagship but a testbed. Now I understand the pricing of these devices.

  • PavoPR

    I have a Nexus 4. Since the update the worst problem is that when I touch the screen to scroll up or down it clicks on whatever I touch instead of scrolling. Many apps are now freezing. However the random reboots did stop. To be honest I rather have a random reboot every three days than click on anything I touch while scrolling

  • Ritika

    Nexus 5 and this update made this worst product. Google is testing after delivering this to customer…. Can’t google afford tester ???

  • midgame

    I just switched to Sprint (from T-Mobile) a couple days ago and my Nexus 5 has been completely unable to connect to 3G when i am not getting a 4G connection. I did not experience this issue while on T-Mobile. The only way i can send/receive texts or phone calls is if i’m on 4G. If i’m on 4G, the phone will switch to CDMA as it is supposed to and then reverts back to 4G as soon as the call is over. But if i lose connection to 4G or force the phone onto 3G, i get “searching for service” indefinitely. It’s very frustrating. I’m not sure if this is a Sprint issue or a 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 issue (currently on 4.4.4.). Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks.

  • n

    Nexus 4, on 4.4.4…all apps stated freezing and say “not responding” … Whole phone has skewed down overall as well. Very poor update!

  • eric

    Yeah update cut battery life in half and phone hardly connects to mobile data now

  • Biju Varghese

    Google Nexus worst smart phone please do not buy..Spending more on google and no proper sevice available with LG with limited service center. I am facing network issues Service provided signel drops every now and then anybody facing such issues…