oppo n3And this is why they’re called rumours. We reported earlier this week that Oppo has started teasing its latest device, expected to be called the Oppo N3, which will be announced in October in an event at Singapore – that much we know is true. What might not have been true about the story we reported was the shape of the N3, which allegedly made use of a rather unique swivel camera protrusion. Today, another render appears to have leaked out (which you can see above), and as you will notice, this one looks nothing like the device we reported on earlier. One of these leaks is wrong – if they both aren’t, of course – and it’s hard to really say which one looks ‘more’ correct.

If today’s leak is to be believed, it looks like Oppo may have opted for a more traditional device this time as this one doesn’t appear to have a swivel camera, but that’s all we can really tell from this angle. Whether or not any of this information is actually true is now up in the air, so unless another leak comes along before October, it’s suffice to say that we’ll be waiting for the official word from Oppo before we make anymore guesses.

Which leak do you think is the real Oppo N3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: SoyaCincau via Phone Arena