rotox icon packOne of our favourite icon designers here at AndroidSPIN is at it again. Samer Zayer has just launched his latest creation, the Rotox icon pack. Featuring similar icon designs to previous icon packs like Flatastico and Flatee, Rotox adopts a slightly more Material Design colour palette and adds a ring around each icon to create quite an interesting effect. The current icon pack already contains 1,400+ icons and cloud-based wallpaper collection with plenty more to be added in the future.

I’ve briefly tried out the icons myself and I have to say I’m impressed, as usual. Even icons that haven’t been customized all have masking to make them look just like the other icons and the space between the rings is transparent so it creates a unique look when icons are stacked up on top of each other in folders. If you’re interested in what you see, the Rotox icon pack is live now and can be had for $1.49 USD (see below for Play Store Link). As always, if you want updates on what Samer Zayer is up to, both present and future, be sure to circle him on Google+ here.

Rotox – Icon Pack (Playboard) | Rotox – Icon Pack (Play Store)

  • Adobo King

    I’m very picky but this one I fell in love with! Great job!

  • Cliff Phillips

    Why do good theme designers consistently offer only the cartoonish Phone, Text, and Contacts icons? Please, offer some adult choices.

    • Stephen Yuen

      Not sure what you mean by “adult” choices. Did you have an example?