I am the kind of person that wants to walk into a store, hand over my money and walk out with something in my hand. For that very reason I don’t buy many things online, nor do I pre-order anything. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Two days ago there was a flurry of news about the new Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. While we all eagerly wait to be able to order the Nexus 6, you can now get your orders in for the Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player.

New Nexus devices

On the Nexus 9 front you are looking at a few choices. You can choose between Indigo Black and Lunar White. The third color, Sand, is still listed as “coming soon” unfortunately. Then you can choose a 16GB or 32GB storage model. The 16GB model in either color is  $399.00 and leaves the warehouse in 2 – 3 weeks. Same goes for the 32GB model, except is will run you $479.00. Listed on the order page, but not yet available, is a 32GB Indigo Black LTE variant with a price tag listing of $599.00.

HTC Nexus 9

If the Nexus Player is on your list it is also up for pre-order today. The small puck like Android TV player with remote is said to leave the warehouse in 3-4 weeks and will set you back a $99.

ASUS Nexus Player

Also listed today is the Gamepad for Nexus Player. The dual joystick gamepad is listed for $39.99, but is already showing up as “out of inventory.” Looks like you will have to wait on that order a little bit.

Nexus Player Gamepad

I find it a bit interesting that ASUS went with a set of AA batteries to power the Gamepad vs a built-in battery. The spec outline says the controller is Bluetooth 3.0 but also Bluetooth 4.0 compatible. If you are ready to toss down some cash on some pre-orders, be sure to hit the Play Store device section and get to buying.

Order – HTC Nexus 9

Order – ASUS Nexus Player

Let us know what you are going to order. I am thinking the Nexus Player would do the most good in my house. My aging Google TV box is starting to show its age and many apps are tricky to navigate on now.

  • FILA

    I also don’t like pre-ordering things, I need to test out in store first, get a feel and then decide. Possibly wait a few weeks to get the bugs out of the first batch…remember the Nexus 5 issues, I waited for the newly manufactured units and I have bigger speaker holes and no rattles from my power switch. I can only hope Google goes downsize next year for the phone, I can’t imagine they would do a 7 inch phone, then call it what, the Nexus 7??

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