Google has announced, and released, a new app today that is quite something else really. The new app is simply called Inbox by Gmail. It is just that too, an Inbox for all your Googley things, not just your email.

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail automatically works with your current Gmail account. This isn’t an update to Gmail, but a separate app that is designed to enhance your life. In a nutshell, Inbox will group messages into Bundles. This allows you to deal with similar messages all at once instead of pecking around. The Bundles are based on the content inside the messages or by filters you create on your own. Highlights will bring up the most important information without having to ever open up the message. For instance, shipping information inside an email will simply display. Toss in reminders, snooze and search and you have one very, seemingly, cool app that compliments your Gmail life. Take a quick look at the video.

Inbox by Gmail 3Inbox by Gmail aInbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail is free, but you will need an invite from a friend or from Google to gain access to it. You might want to start blasting your contacts for a little help. Otherwise you can email the Gmail team at  and request access.

Inbox by Gmail APK download

You can download the new app from the Play Store, but it does seem to be region locked to just the US. The APK is available for you to install if you can’t access it on the Play Store, but without an invite into the service you will be out of luck anyways. Pick it up and get a request filed. If you happen to already be in, shoot us an invite!

Inbox by Gmail (Playboard) | Inbox by Gmail (Play Store)

Inbox by Gmail APK download available at Gappsearly

Source: Google Blog Via AndroidPolice

  • tarun

    Any invites?

  • FILA

    So its like my notification bar all over again. lol. I dont have that busy of a life to see myself have a need for this, but Im not knocking it

  • Kodi Joy

    I love Google and I am always looking forward to amazing new updates. This new material design is by far the best I’ve seen from Google. If I could get the invite I would really appreciate it. Also, I have already updated Google Now but without my phone being rooted its not possible for me to fully update it. When can I see or get the nice new Google now fully functional without it crashing? I’m so excited to use it to its full potential. Thanks a million

    -Kodi Joy

  • Nick

    Check out this guys, I got one from them:

  • Kreem Mostafa

    please send an invite