Oppo teases another deviceOctober 29th is just around the corner, and so is the announcement of the Oppo N3. We’ve already seen our fair share of the device with its motorized, swivel camera and we know there will be two variants, one of which is made of an aluminium-lithium alloy. We’ve only been expecting one device to be announced at the event, however the above image has come out suggesting that the device could be joined by a second device. Of course, the device on the right behind the curtains is the Oppo N3 with the unmistakable swivel camera, however the device on the left is so far unidentified.

The rumour goes on to say that this new device will have the “world’s thinnest appearance” and will measure only 4mm thick. Considering the current record holder, the Gionee Elife S5.1, already comes in at a ridiculous 5.1mm thick, we’re a bit skeptical that Oppo has managed to shave off an entire 1mm somewhere, though we won’t have to wait long to see whether this rumour is true or not. Assuming the image above is to scale, and the Oppo N3 is 5.9-inches as expected, this new mystery device could be no small thing itself.

What do you think about this mystery Oppo device? Let us know your theories below in the comments.

Source: CNBeta via Phone Arena